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Recruitment Board / Terminator Genre RPG
« on: August 20, 2010, 03:31:27 AM »

Game Title: Terminator - Guardians of Time

System: Not really using any one in particular, it is based around concepts in the free d20 Terminator Rulebook found at  Bear in mind however, this is NOT going to be run under a d20 system.
Players Wanted: 4-5
Posting Rate: Once every 2 days
Special Rules: Yes, a set I've written based on a few systems and the bastardisation of the Terminator Rulebook as mentioned above.
Advancement Rules: Semi-standard increase of HP, Skills and Traits

I'll post the character generator ruleset if I get enough interest! :)

And yes, I realise that the title of the game (Guardians of Time) could essentially mean absolutely anything.


RPGs / Terminator RPG
« on: August 16, 2010, 01:34:55 AM »
In spite of a dire performance from "Mr breathing shallow to sound tough" (Christian Fail), I'm still a huge fan of the terminator scene.  (I'm actually kicking off a forum based game of it elsewhere!)

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that I'd found a free d20 system download for it, and it's a pretty good system too!

Just in case you guys and gals care, here's the link...

Oh... and as a hint...  Actual Play of a Termintor genre game...   EPIC!


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