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OOC: Kinda same thing for me as well.


Classy casually walks over to the briefing bot dropping a small explosive in Winsmiths volcano hat and diving for cover.


Rolling 1d20:
(18): Total = 18

I'm in sounds fun I will be.

Harvin The lonely Blacksmith

Craft Metal:2

Random Skill
Rolling 1d20:
(2): Total = 2

Classy stares into the back of Winsmiths now open skull how dare he explodes in my face after all I did for him. I carried him, I expertly operated on him and he explodes in my face how the hell did he even explode I bet he would blame it on me but noooo I know his plan Commie bastard. Take out the strongest member of the team and corrupt the rest I see what your up to. Next time you need operating on. *pats his remote explosive and laughs maniacally*


Rolling 1d20:
(20): Total = 20

Rolling 1d20:
(19): Total = 19

OOC:Do I need to add something on to show ranks I have in the skill?


I look at the transport and then back at the totally helpless citizen this is too great I'll pick up the Citizen and try and rush him into the transbot. While were travelling the operating begins attempting too replacing nearly all of the leg with robotics and creating and eye for insertion with over 100 levels of zoom the only side effect would be the fact you get a painful electric shock whenever you use it and generally adding whatever gizmo's he has on him too the Citizen before leaning back and admiring his work.


Classy-R-DF7-1 would have overslept from last nights tinkering with various gadgets the communique would wake him, he quickly reads it Grabs some tech to mess with and rushes off too the briefing.


Anything I can do while we wait for the characters or anyway  I can help you?

Basic concept is a techie who values machines over his and others well-being.

Yeah so I'm just going for a character that values machines over humans and really does not care about his own wellbeing just generally a bit psycho. I'm not really sure of a good way to elaborate on it more than this since it seems like characters in this game just have one exaggerated part of thier personality.

I don't know I was thinking a techie who amputates his body parts to replace with cybernetics I know that's' really rough have not got too much time right now I'll try and think up more later.

I'm definitely up for playing this I don't have any rules so I'll try and give you an overview of what I want when I get back and you can run with it?

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: How do I get more Actual Plays
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Yay donated couple of days ago here's my Confirmation no.   0PM25287SM0109919

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: How do I get more Actual Plays
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Thanks for the help :)

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