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So it occurs to me that we make references during AP episodes that some listeners may not understand. Thus, I am making a thread that will canonically answer every dumb thing we've said over the course of many, many games. Please ask or answer as many references as you can. I'll start

"A Broken Toy for your Broken Home"

Said by: Tom, usually.

Origin: During a playtest of the Road Trip campaign, (The Sentai Rangers chapter) Jason's character broke a toy and returned it to a NPC  while saying "here's a broken toy for your broken home."

To celebrate the Know Evil Eclipse Phase campaign, RPPR is proud to announce the Fan Creation Contest. Last fall, I commissioned an artist to create a poster depicting the principal cast of Know Evil. I had some posters printed as well. It was primarily intended as a Christmas gift to Caleb and as a thanks for running such a great campaign. I had a few extra posters printed and I'd like to give them to the most dedicated Know Evil fans out there. I have 3 posters that I will mail to anywhere in the world and each poster will be signed by Caleb, me, and several other players in the campaign.

TO ENTER: Create a piece of fan art or fan fiction about Know Evil. It must be R rated or less - please no rule 34 material. Do not insert material from copyrighted settings without permission (sorry but no adventure time/Preston crossover fan fiction). It can be serious, funny horrific, or whatever you want to do.

TO SUBMIT: Post your entry in this thread! You may post a link to an external site (Deviant Art, your blog) but you must post in this thread to have your submission count.  Please label your post though - something like MY SUBMISSION FOR THE FAN CREATION CONTEST would be nice.

TIME LIMIT: The contest will officially close 24 hours AFTER I post the final episode of the Know Evil campaign on RPPR Actual Play.

JUDGING: Each player in the Know Evil campaign will vote for the top 3 submissions. Caleb, as GM, will get 2 votes each for his top 3 submissions. Ties will be decided by a runoff vote.

You may comment and discuss the contest in this thread.

So a one shot game kind of sprawled into a mini-campaign. Gurps, 4E rules. Set in Fallout universe but in the Ozarks - PCs are mostly members of Vault 26, located in where Springfield Underground is in real life and have been selected as overseers. They've woken up from a 200 year nap in cyrogenic chambers to find out that the world is a very different place. The other PC is Tom, who is the ghoul leader of Rolla, a fortified city with a working nuclear reactor but is shunned by the rest of the region. The other major factions are:

Baldknobbers - a large roaming band of raiders and bandits.

Neo-Branson - decadent warlords that pacify their large masses of citizens with blood sports and authentic country music

Neo-Jerusalem - isolated and crazed cult that kidnaps people to brainwash into joining

Beartown - A somewhat open city built on the ruins of several colleges and universities - runs via indentured servitude and massive archives of knowledge from the past.

Nomads - neutral traders and merchants that facilitate trade between cities.

We are using the GURPS mass combat PDF for running large battles

Vault 26 currently has

6 squads of rifleman at TL 8, at good quality - Troop Strength (TS) 240 each - class Firepower and Recon

1 heavy squad weapon (HSW) at TL 8 - good quality - TS (300) firepower only

2 squads of riflemen at TL 8 at average quality - TS 160 - class firepower and recon

1 squad of battlesuits/power armor - TL 9 - average quality - TS 800 - Anti-air, Anti-armor, Firepower, Recon

1 light truck - TL 6 - TS 10, Cavalry, Transports 1 unit

1 giant killbot - on a closer reading of the rules, I am going to treat the killbot as a main battle tank (MBT) but without the cavalry class (it's too slow to count as cavalry) at TL 9 with the Fine Equipment Quality - TS 4,000 - Armor and Firepower

Rolla has:

3 squads of rifleman at TL 8, at good quality - TS 240 each - class Firepower and Recon

1 squad of battlesuits - TL 9 - good quality - TS 1200  Anti-air, Anti-armor, Firepower, Recon

1 Vertibird - I actually messed up on its stats - I'll treat it as a drop ship - TS is 1,000 in air power only but can transport 5 units

Rolla can also call up a militia of 10 squads of riflemen at TL 8 - average quality - TS 160 each, class Firepower and Recon - but that is only meant to defend the city or other emergency situations.

10 light trucks

5 heavy trucks


I have decided that 1 unit of scrap equals $2,000 in terms of raising/upgrading units, as per the rules in the Mass Combat PDF. If you look at page 24 of the PDF, it lists the costs of standard units. Note that the base cost is for TL (tech level) 6. The cost to raise a unit is increased by 50% for every TL. Troop strength doubles every Tech Level.

You can raise units at TL 6, 7, or 8 right now. You can raise some units to Tech Level 9 but that will require special missions or resources - The world of Fallout was at TL 9 right before the war and represents state of the art technology. It is very hard to get that level of tech.

So for example, if you want to recruit some surface homesteaders as cannon fodder for your glorious Vault 26 you have these options:

A TL 6 squad of riflemen costs 60k to raise and has TS 40.
A TL 7 squad of riflemen costs 90k to raise and has TS 80
a TL 8 squad of riflemen costs 120k to raise and has TS 160

You can also improve or weaken their quality (level of training/experience etc), their equipment quality and give them special qualities as well - look at page 10 and on for descriptions/rules

For example, let's give the new unit the Sealed quality - which gives them bonuses against environmental hazards - so you hand out gas masks or hazmat suits - that increases their cost by 20% so a TL 8 squad costs 144k instead of 120k.

I don't know when we'll play next but I want everyone to look over the mass combat PDF and think about what units you want to get for your army.

The wall around your vault will cost 200k - or 100 units of scrap - to complete.

You have up to 3000 spare units of scrap from your cyrogenic chambers.

While most of my time is spent working on Base Raiders and producing the regular podcasts, I've been thinking about what kind of video content we should produce in the future. Obviously, the biggest success so far has been the Dread video but all of the videos have gotten a positive response. I'm also thinking we could produce information/educational/tutorial type videos but I'm not sure what we would cover, since we do tabletop RPGs. 

So, thoughts?

General Chaos / Zombie Survival and Risk Analysis Quiz!
« on: October 05, 2012, 02:52:37 PM »
Find out how well you would do in a zombie attack!

Please spread the word too.

Fortunes of War

Opening: The Great Empire is in turmoil. The western provinces rebel and foreign kingdoms make trouble along the borders. General Xin, a renowned tactician, was charged with suppressing a rebellion in Jing Province, the farthest and wildest province of the twelve. The rebellion was started by a cadre of army officers who were ordered to lead their bands of commoner soldiers north to participate in the defense of Yuyang. However, they were stopped halfway by a severe rainstorm and flooding. The harsh laws of the Great Empire stated that anyone late to show up for government jobs will be executed, regardless of the nature of the delay. The officers realized that they could never make it on time and decided to organize a band that would rebel against the government, so they would die fighting for their freedom rather than by execution.

Because of the nature of the rebellion, many common soldiers joined, which led to a shortage of manpower. Xin was forced to recruit mercenaries, who were common in Jing province, as it was the center of trade between the Empire and many other foreign kingdoms. The campaign lasted several months, but gradually Xinís army forced the rebels into a valley. Fearing the rebels could possibly escape before he could trap them, Xin ordered the servants, baggage, supply trains and other slow elements of the army be left behind and force march into valley. A scoutís report encouraged Xin to take this risky approach.

Four black crows were spotted on the generalís banner at dawn, an ill omen. Several officers advised Xin to take a more cautious approach, as the army would be highly vulnerable as they entered the valley. Xin ignored them and ordered the army into the valley.

The rebels were lying in wait at the valleyís entrance, hidden among high cliff walls. They waited until the last of the army had entered and then tumbled boulders down the exit, trapping Xinís army. Xin was the first to die, struck by a volley of arrows. An officer rallied the army and ordered them to retreat into the center of the valley, where they would have a fighting chance. The armyís banner was abandoned in the chaos.

Before the ambush, Xinís army was vastly stronger than the rebels but the ambush had evened it out. The rebels had few supplies and had suffered for months from low morale, poor equipment, and infighting among the officers. The ambush gave the rebels a second wind and they chased after Xinís remaining army with a renewed ferocity.

The two armies slammed into each other in the valley, the rebels fighting for their freedom, the mercenaries fighting to avenge their dead general and their lives. To list the acts of valor and heroism of that day would take a day and a night. Officerís Chenís last stand. The Seven Brothers Wu testing their famed Spear Castle against the Horse Maidens. The Exalted Death of Monk Sakha. The duel between Guang, Favored Son of the Great Empire and the Wolf Ronin. All these acts of heroes and legends, destined to be forgotten by what happened as the sun faded into dusk.

A horde of the Warriors of the Grey Sky had used the rebellion to launch their own invasion of the Great Empire. They found the battle and their famed mounted archers had cleared the path out of the valley to wipe both forces out. Exhausted, neither army could do much to stop the slaughter. The remaining rebels and loyalists banded together to fight off the horde but they were doomed. The last rebel officer alive, a man named Sheng, did not want to see the Great Empire fall to the horde so he told a few remaining mercenaries of a secret exit out of the valley, on the condition that they warn the Great Empire. Sheng made each mercenary swear a blood oath to each other to keep each other alive in order to make sure the normally selfish mercenaries would work as a team.

The mercenaries managed to escape and went back to the remaining servants of the army. They took command and ordered them east. In order to keep the horde from killing them, the mercenaries posed as merchants. A few weeks later, they arrived at the capital and dutifully told the army of the horde.

The nobles and bureaucrats of the Great Empire do not like hearing bad news, especially from mercenaries. Furthermore, the court soothsayers declared Xin and all who served under him as cursed. No army would take the mercenaries now, even General Tzuís new army, which is tasked with defeating the Grey Sky Horde.

You are Xinís Crows Ė the cursed remnants of his army.  Your only chance of fulfilling your destiny is to become traveling merchants, selling to Tzuís army.  While you cannot fight in an army, your reputation makes you an intriguing curiosity Ė a sideshow. They will tolerate you for the duration of the war, as reminders of Xinís defeat. Once the war is over, you must return home with whatever fortune you have earned.

Character Creation Rules to follow in next post

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Upcoming RPPR One Shot games
« on: July 25, 2012, 02:58:48 AM »
I usually have a floating list of possible one shots I can run at any given time in my head. I sometimes forget them so I thought it would be good to post them here so you guys can let me know which ones sound more interesting than the others:

Trail of Cthulhu - Shanghai in the 1930s - there's a published adventure for it but I want to modify it. Not sure exactly how yet.

Reign - Each PC is a noble in a kingdom. A new empire rolls in and demands the king submit to their authority. Do the PCs stand with their king or the empire? Change is in the wind...

Fear Itself: A plague has devastated the city, leaving only a few survivors. Each PC is immune but has to care for NPC friends or be a loner but suffer from increased paranoia and loneliness. Loosely inspired by the game Lone Survivor. DONE!

Night's Black Agents - I got the PDF but it's a massive book.

Killsplosion: Based on the movie Kill Squad.

Dark Heresy: I have no idea but I'd like to run it

Rogue Trader: Same

Black Crusade: The rebels are rational and the empire is insane. Clearly, chaos is what we need here.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Hey guys
« on: April 20, 2012, 10:49:55 PM »

I'm in Shangahai. It's pretty big. Just a FYI.

Sent from my MB865 using Tapatalk 2

As you may know, Caleb is working on a ransom project of his very own. It will be for Bryson Springs and some other horror scenarios. He will be doing it through his own Kickstarter account so it will not technically be a RPPR ransom (although we will of course promote and link to it and all that good stuff).

That's gotten me thinking about what the next 'official' RPPR ransom/Kickstarter project will be. I have 3 ideas fleshed out right and I'm working on a fourth one. I'm not quite ready to reveal the details about the third project but you will already be familiar with these:

Heroes of New Arcadia Sourcebook: A campaign setting based on our Wild Talents campaign. A PDF along the lines of the New World ones - describe the setting, important NPCs, plot hooks - plus stats in WT and M&M for various important characters.

I Wear No Mask: A compilation of my Hastur/King in Yellow/Carcosa materials/scenarios. Reality bending madness and architectural horror.  Could include a novella/ebook fiction work as well.

Slender Man novel and/or RPG campaign: I took the basic idea of the Slender Man and expanded it to fit my own vision - this will be an original interpretation of it - the one shots I've run based on Slender Man would be the foundation of the project.

Questions/comments? What do you guys think? What are you most interested in seeing me work on next?

I just put out a new ebook - the first part in a fantasy serial. It's called The Heretic Cycle. Here's the cover for the first part:


Smashwords/All other formats:

Synopsis: When adventurers raid the dungeon of an immortal sorcerer known as Akil, he realizes he has to flee before the inquisitors find him. A heretic, thief and killer, Akil lives only for the next scheme to enrich himself and his personal code. To escape, heíll have to deal with the border guards, patrols and other threats. With only the clothes on his back and a magical sword, heíll be hard pressed to survive the hunt.

The Heretic Cycle is a new fantasy serial from author, podcaster and game designer Ross Payton. Follow the saga of a villain who builds dungeons, fights parties of adventurers and performs forbidden magic; a man damned by his choices and must wander the world alone for a crime that can never be forgiven.


This is my first foray into fantasy fiction. I've previously written a lot of D&D material - including the New World, a D&D campaign with 4 free sourcebooks (I know you all probably know that but you never know)

I aimed for a darker feel for this story because I wanted to reverse a lot of common fantasy tropes. Focus on a villain instead of 'heroes' - plot revolves about selfish goals instead of a noble quest and so forth. I hope you enjoy it!

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / RPPR is now on Stitcher
« on: February 08, 2012, 07:09:43 PM »
Stitcher is an app for listening to podcasts on smartphones and other devices

RPPR Actual Play


General Chaos / Obligatory Steam Gift trading thread
« on: December 25, 2011, 06:28:17 PM »
Welp, I'm sure we're all loaded up with coupons and games we don't want from the holiday Steam Event.  Who wants to trade?

I have Bit Trip Runner, -25% on any Sega game, -25% on any bitcomposer game and -50% on Homefront.

We are currently playing 2 campaigns, Wild Talents and Eclipse Phase. However, it doesn't hurt to think about the next one.

Some ideas:

Iron Heroes: Swords and sorcery fantasy - all PCs are badasses without the aid of magic - they are defined by their fighting styles and the choices they make. No magic item shopping or accumulating wealth beyond measure - spend the gold as soon as you get it on wine, women and song.

War Torn modern/near future GURPS: Players are normal humans with some unusual skills or experience in a society torn apart by civil war. They can raise an army and make themselves warlords, make a fortune in the underworld through black market smuggling or save thousands of lives by protecting refugees.  Of course, this assumes you're willing to take the risks and survive.

Zombie post-apocalyptic modern/near future in GURPS or Nemesis: :D :D :D Rebuild society or take down the corrupt bandits and petty warlords? Find the cause of the undead or engineer a cure? Become an intelligent undead and fight against bestial instincts?

Yakuza GURPS: In the chaos after World War 2, a group of small time hoods are given a chance to start a Yakuza crime family. Will they focus on expanding their hold in the black markets or work for the CIA against communist agents? Fight in underground martial arts tournaments for honor and cash? Work for the police as an undercover informer to bring down the other families?

Rogue Trader: Evil capitalist colonial exploitation Star Trek :D


I'll be at the store with Ed Healy (Atomic Array, Warpig radio) and running rules light games like Cthulhu Dark. Be there or don't be there.

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