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RPGs / Re: The Ultimate RPG Resources thread
« on: February 27, 2011, 11:32:19 AM »
Does anybody know if there is a program out there for creating CoC or Delta Green pregen characters?  I believe Ross mentioned one, but it isn't compatible with Macs.  I've been making a lot of pregens lately, and even with mach dice, I gotta tell you it is getting pretty tedious.  Looking for something to speed up the process, even if it is just a normed distribution of stat points or something.

Thanks a ton, guys!  That stuff is just what I needed.  Here's the mission briefing I plan on giving players.  Tell me what you think.

[spoiler]To: Q
From: Andrea
Subject: A Night at the Opera (attachment: Cyrano de Bergerac)

STATUS: PARROT reports breach of GREEN BOX 224, hereafter DESIGNATE as PACKAGE at 0246 hours Jan 4th.  DESIGNATE “Zookeeper” CONFIRMS at 0815 Jan. 5th. A-Cell BLIND on the ground due to weather.  Q-cell ABORT current OBJECTIVE. New mission LOAD-OUT found in TRANSPORT with one FRIENDLY Pvt. W.

MISSION PRIORITIES: CONTAINMENT of PACKAGE is highest priority.  Agents should take all care to maintain OPERATIONAL SECURITY.

TARGET ONE: Establish CONTACT with “Zookeeper.” 

CHALLENGE: “Would you like to go to the zoo?”
AUTHENTICATE: “Yes, but only if I can stay outside.”

TARGET TWO: Establish HOME PLATE at “Zookeeper’s” office and move to ASSESS PACKAGE. 


TARGET FOUR: Split into two units

UNIT ALPHA: PLAY ZEPPO.  GO SECURE using hardline modem at HOME PLATE and INVENTORY PACKAGE.  Warning: minimum intelligence encouraged.  Beware TOME ROT

UNIT BETA: INVESTIGATE surrounding area for signs of NORWEIGIAN contamination.

TARGET FIVE: A-Cell will DECLARE THREATS from BOX 224.  Units REGROUP and REASSESS with new intelligence.



MISSION FAILURE: If no NEW PICTURE established via HOME PLATE hardline by 0500 Jan. 8th, CYCLOPS will place BLUE/BLUE BIRDS in the air and SEPPPUKU PROTOCOL will be in effect for Q-cell and all relatives.

(Scrubber software will initiate automatically in one minute)

Ditto on the good press thing.  We were this close to getting a name for the team!

On the other hand, the part about me founding a multi-species, post-scarcity socialist utopia underground, let's keep that under wraps for as long as possible.  ;D

Ross, I didn't know where to put this, so feel free to move it if it fits better elsewhere.

I'm writing up a Delta Green thing for GenCon but don't have copies of the books yet.  I understand that the mechanics are the same, but in playing it, I noticed that lingo played a pretty big role.

Here's the DC code-speak I know so far:
"You are invited to a night at the opera." = you are going on a Delta Green mission
"Eliminate the vector" = kill the mythos-affected character/thing
Cells = teams are organized by alphabetized cells and each members code name starts with that letter
...and that's about it.

I'm making up a monster again so I'm not too concerned about mythos stuff, but I'd like to get the organizational stuff down as I write it.  What are the other code words/phrases used in a Delta Green scenario?  Any help?

Hahahaha!  That's great Tom.  I wish I could draw; I'd post a pic of Norm trying to button a shirt or something.

Thank you so much for the kind words!  Y'all made my day!

I'm finding I tend to write these things for myself only (sentence frags, abbreviations, lots of arrows instead of transitions, etc), so the notes won't do anyone much good right now.  Currently, I'm trying to come up with something for A Dirty World to play at Gencon. After I get that hashed out, I'll work on fleshing things out for Bryson and making everything legible.  I'll upload whatever results on the forum when it is done.  Promise.

Again, thanks to everybody.  I can't tell you how nice it is to feel welcome.


Led by an Army veteran named Tyler, they forced the recruiters to abandon the camp. "What we worked out is their words can't hurt if they can't be heard, sonificiation wise so we out talked them vis a vie sociopolitical ramifications of their ideologicalisms" Tyler said.

Best. NPC. EVER.

General Chaos / Re: What Vidja games are you playing?
« on: January 31, 2011, 11:25:04 PM »
Just finished Dead Space 2...Cthulhu in space, complete with a san-loss check mechanic.  LOVED IT.

I'd been wanting to try CoC for awhile but couldn't afford the book.  But Ross directed me to the quick-start rules online last week, and there appears to be some demand on here (I interpret demand as two people), so I spent today writing an adventure called "Bryson Springs".  It's for 4 to 5 players and set in rural California during the Depression.  On the off-chance it doesn't suck--or we can revise it not to suck after the fact--I'll post the document and links to my research on here if/when we play it.

Regardless of whether or not it ever sees the light of day, CoC is a fun system to write in--and a little less prep-heavy than even Dirty World, in my opinion.  Most of all, thank you again, internet friends, for encouraging me and getting me writing again.

There was some confusion as to how Median's powers worked.  I was adding some unnecessary extras to defense and missing some extras in useful.  I've changed that, retconned some skills I'd never used in game(i.e. Navigation), and spent every character point I've earned in the past 4 games.  Here he is stated out to the tune of 265 points.

Norman "Median" Meyer

Source: Focus (+0)   Permission: Super Equipment (+0)        Intrinsic: No Will, No Way (-5)

Stats and Skills (154pts)
Body 4  (Athletics 2; Block 2; Brawling 2; Endurance 1)
Coordination 3  (Dodge 2; Stealth 1)
Sense 3  (Empathy 2; Perception 2; Scrutiny 1)
Mind 3  (First Aid 2; Luyten Language 1; Streetwise 1; Survival 1)
Charm 4  (Lie 1; Persuasion 2)
Command 3  (Interrogation 1; Stability 3)
Base Will   6
Willpower   14

Force Fields   3hd (96pts)
Quality: Attack      Capacity: Range
Extras:    Add. Capacity Mass (+2); High Capacity Mass (+1) Indestructible focus (+2)
Flaws:    Focus(-1); Scattered Damage (-1); Obvious (-1); Full Power Only (-1); Haunting (-2)

Quality: Defends           Capacity: Self
Extras:    Add. Capacity Range (+2); Interference (+2); Duration (+2); Radius (+2); Indestructible focus (+2)
Flaws:     Focus (-1); Obvious (-1); Full Power Only (-1); Haunting (-2)

Quality: Useful      Capacity: Self
Extras:   Add. Capacity Range (+2); Radius (+2); Variable Effect (+4); Indestructible focus (+2)
Flaws:   Focus(-1); Obvious (-1); Haunting (-2)

Force Javelins   1d+1wd(20pts)
Quality: Attacks      Capacity: Range
Extras:   Penetration (+2); Deadly S+K (+2); Indestructible focus (+2)
Flaws:   Focus (-1); Obvious (-1); Haunting (-2)

I have a fan club thread??!?!??! :o

I tearing up over here.  Thanks for all the love everyone!

RPGs / Re: Your Character Type
« on: January 25, 2011, 06:38:16 PM »
My dad was really into role-playing when he was younger, and I thought the books were cool when I was a kid. He taught me how to DM a little and I tried (and failed) to run DnD 2nd edition in high school a couple of times.  I could never get anyone to play or take it the least bit...I don't want to say "seriously" but you know what I mean.

So anyway, I was familiar with the concept of an RPG, but I'd never played in a game before Aaron's The Haunting.  I'm the noob. That guy in the background of every Dark Sun game, asking how the rules work?  Yeah, that's me.

RPGs / Re: Your Character Type
« on: January 25, 2011, 04:15:06 PM »
Since I haven't been playing long, I can remember every character I've created.

Kent Tomlinsonburg, adventuring youth pastor and founder of the Little Crusader's Pancake Jamboree
An FBI interrogator
Lady Gaga 2.0
Varis Gugginhiem, an objectivist tank that refused to tank and owned a gigantic pet bird
Norm, the hapless "superhero" that gets by on beginner's luck

I'm looking for a common thread but just not seeing it...ineffective, maybe?

If I can manage the system well-enough, I'm going to be running a crossover campaign so that Ross can throw a character into the mix.  The hope is that the characters will be able to acknowledge events in my games "in continuity" but that their actions will have no lasting effect on Ross's campaign world or story (I'm using DLC RPG content as a model).  Anyway, my current thoughts are that the crossovers will focus on the mysterious legacy of a minor member of the Ideal.  I've written up a description below.

If you want to play, I'm willing to run it any night of the week with up to 4 people + Ross.  Those that don't get in on this round get priority for the second part of the crossover, to be run whenever Ross feels like taking another break.  Just let Ross know if you want in and Ross can schedule it.

Idealist Dossier

Name: Kalick DeMarque a.k.a. “The International Technician” or “I.T.”

Known Superpowers: (10wd in HyperMind) Due to an unprecedented genetic mutation, Kalick DeMarque was born freakishly intelligent.  It is rumored he would have been capable of achieving advanced doctoral degrees before pre-school if he’d only had the fine motor skills to operate a pencil.  While his intelligence was extremely versatile, it primarily manifested itself in the form of gadgeteering and strategy, making Kalick an extremely valuable asset to the Idealists.  His abilities were strictly intellectual though; he possessed neither telepathic abilities nor any physical miracles.

History: Born from the pairing of a French and Algerian millionaires, Kalick DeMarque was given the best education the world could offer and the best possible brain with which to receive it.  True citizens of the world, Kalik’s parents were perpetually on the move, yet still careful to never neglect their son’s education.  The pair was never married and rarely had time to live together, yet the non-nuclear family remained remarkably happy and Kalick’s upbringing served as a shining testament to Progressivism.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Oxford at the age of 15 (with multiple degrees), Kalick quickly found himself bored in the private sector.  Unwilling to give up his global citizenship by aligning with any certain government, he quickly realized that the Ideal was the only place a man of his genius could remained engaged.

Due to his youth and inexperience, Kalik’s role was initially that of one of the thousands of support staff the Idealists required to maintain their operation.  However, the young man’s gifts quickly shined through.  Kalick designed containment and nullification systems that imprisoned super-villains previously thought hopelessly uncatchable.  He redesigned and maximized the vehicles provided to all Ideal non-flyers, ditching themed rides in favor of a uniform white, streamlined design (using entirely green energy, btw).  Multiple public works projects were started around the world on his free time using previously unheard of technology, and WIRED magazine predicted it was only a matter of time before Kalik’s invention outpaced the advancements of alien fabber technology.

Most noticeably, Kalik designed and funded a robotic defense force to aide the Idealists in battle.  Over the years, a variety of robotic prototypes engaged in the teams greatest conflicts, providing support and crowd control in the warzone.  Though now visible to the public as a contributing member of the Ideal, Kalik DeMarque never designed his own pseudonym or donned any costume.  At best, he could be seen on the sidelines, directing the defense against some alien invasion with nothing more than a cellphone.  When asked in an interview why he never wore self-designed PowerArmor and joined the fight, he only responded that to do so would be “wildly inefficient.”

Thus, the media nicknamed Kalick the International Technician, playing off the pun for traditional technical support.  If the name offended him, I.T. never let it be known.  His long career in the Ideal continued into his late thirties until the tragedy of Ragnarok.  While the slim man was never seen expressly leaving for the final battle, it is generally assumed that the Ideals mysterious gadgeteer must have been on one of the many vehicles to leave Earth’s atmosphere that fateful night.  No trace of Kalik DeMarque has been seen since, and his miraculous designs, genius, and philanthropy are widely considered lost to history.

LAR 2 it is.

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