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How to roll dice
« on: April 14, 2011, 07:52:53 PM »
Here's how the dice roller works: The command is : dice xdz : without the spaces between the colons.

The command : dice 2d6 : (without the colons) would roll two 6-sided die. Like so:

Rolling 2d6:
(1+5): Total = 6

Sometimes you may need to add or subtract to the dice roll, for instance you may need to roll two six-sided die minus one. To do this, use the command : dice 2d6-1 : (again, without the colons). To wit:

Rolling 2d6-1:
(2+3)-1: Total = 4

If for some reason you want to hide your roll, for instance, you want to pickpocket a fellow player (what a jerk!), just add "spoiler" tags from the above commands -- it's the button with the hazard symbol. This would work like so:

[spoiler]I stealthily pickpocket Cynthia. Rolling 1d10:
(6): Total = 6
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