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Dreams Into New Beginnings
« on: May 02, 2012, 07:52:03 PM »
Welcome to the USS Sphinx of Pegasus Fleet, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Elta Z. sh'Huit. We are a browser based play-by-post Star Trek simulation. All players of all levels are more than welcome to join [even if you aren't a Trek fan!]. Anything is possible here and we are more than happy to help you reach your goals. So what are you waiting for? Come embark on a mission as part of the Sphinx's crew and family!
Did you once sit and look out a window wondering? Wondering just what lay beyond the horizon of your home? Were books not enough to satiate your curiosity of the universe and all that it encompassed? Is there a burning desire within you that demands that you do something more than just let life slip by? Should you answer yes to any of those questions, you have a calling as a Starfleet Officer! Come aboard the USS Sphinx of Pegasus Fleet to begin your new career and tour of duty. Help unfold her first steps unto destiny where you will realize your potential and fulfill your aspirations. Make friends and be a part of something bigger than just you. Many positions are open; and are not limited to Command Staff positions! So what are you waiting for? The universe is waiting for you to come and find the answers to everything you've been asking about. Time will not wait for you to say yes so the time is now! Just remember, the only thing turning your hopes and dreams into nightmares are your fears.

Open Positions
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Security/ Tactical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Come spread your wings and take flight with the USS Sphinx!!!