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--- Quote from: Tadanori Oyama on April 02, 2012, 02:27:46 PM ---Humans in 3.5 don't get a +2 to anything, they get a bonus feat and a skill point. Pathfinder and 4E give them +2 to an attribute.

I'm waiting for the funny twist on this "anecdote" you all are brewing up.

If we had a forum roller I'd suggest a 3.5 D&D vs. CoC "commoner" death match.

--- End quote ---

We aren't.

We're arguing about...something. HP and averages and whether or not depriving a player of the knowledge of their own character's health is more immersive.

Or something, I kind of lost track.

also I did say this isn't quite th right thread for it. :p

Tadanori Oyama:
I know you aren't building up to an anecdote; I trying to point that out. It didn't work quite right. The discussion probably does deserve a thread though.

Oh god... what have I done?!


--- Quote from: HasNoMouthMustLOL on April 02, 2012, 06:47:45 PM ---Oh god... what have I done?!

--- End quote ---

Something unspeakable. You got the forums dedicated to RPGs to talk about RPGs. Monster.

Okay I'm a terrible person but here's another winner from Reddit's Rpg subreddit -


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