Author Topic: Pirates and Cthulhu: A Good Mix?  (Read 22557 times)


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Re: Pirates and Cthulhu: A Good Mix?
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I'm res'ing this thread again to post this. At some point two years, I started writing a CoC - Pirates game that would play on the idea of mercantile insurance companies hiring private security firms to retrieve boats and combat pirates. I would have probably ran the game as a forum game, but I fried the laptop in a freak tea-drinking related accident. Fortunately, my dad retrieved the hard drive when I gave him the old laptop this summer and sent it to me this week. Keep in mind that these are unfinished notes.

CoC Pirate Scenario

Ship: (Decommissioned) TAK-3008 2nd Lt. John K. Bobo Class Refitted to transport general cargo.

Cargo: Scrap metal being shipped from the Alang Ship Breaking Yards to Europe.

Crew: 25

Passengers: 2 a newlywed American couple who is taking an around the world cruise for their honeymoon through a cargo ship tourism company (Bulk Tours)

History: loaded scrap at Alang, was taken by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden three days ago, one day ago lost contact with the Somali pirates and the ship appears to be dead in the water and drifting out into the Indian Ocean

Contracting Agency: Mercantile Insurers of London have contracted [Blackwater Group] to retake control of the ship for $1.5 million dollars

Plan: Insert a 5 or 6 man fire team on board the ship via helicopter, retake and secure the ship, and reestablish the original crew at the helm if possible, if not wait for a crew that can take over the vessel.

The Back story: The owner of the ship has been using it to smuggle archaeological artifacts out of India and surrounding areas. On board the ship are cult artifacts for a cult that worshiped a variation of the Indian god Yama. The ship was also carrying the archaeologist that had been researching a lost city thought to be the home place of Yama on earth.

Mythos Artifacts:

Archaeologist's Journal Gives a broken account of travels to the lost city, some bits about various artifacts, the idol, and something about a rope. Much of the journal is in short hand or crossed out furiously. Also appears to be covered somewhat in blood. (sanity loss for skimming 1 / 1d2)

Players that attempt to decipher the

Idol of Yama The idol is a statue that shows a man kneeling before Yama. Yama holds a mace aloft in one hand. In his other hand, he holds a rope that ends in a noose coiled around the man's neck. The kneeling man's head has split open and appears his skeleton is coming out of his body from the hole created by the split head. The idol is made out of a semitransparent metal with the same color as obsidian, an unearthly green glow emanates from the center of the statue. No source of the glow can be identified.  (sanity loss for seeing the idol 1 / 1d10)
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