Author Topic: Last Ship to Rytidor [Dark Heresy Skype one shot, 3-6 players]  (Read 6879 times)


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Game Title:Last Ship to Rytidor
System:Dark Heresy
Players Wanted:3-6
Posting Rate: Meet-up date:I'm thinking maybe  7-2-10 at 3pm EST, but I'm good for whatever the most people find good.
Special Rules: Note, I only have the core rulebook, so I might ask for some clarification if you use stuff over books. If you don't have any books, PM me and I'll help you make you character. Neebless to say that you need Skype and prob
Advancement Rules: This is a oneshot, so You probably not going to make it out alive you probably don't need Advancement Rules.

You, your fellow acolytes, and you inquisitor are hitching a ride on a light cargo ship when something goes horribly wrong. The Geller field, the only thing protecting you from the warp, malfunctions for a split scound. That all the time Chaos.

This will be a survival type game, akin to movies like Alien, Event Horizon and The Thing.

So, any takers?