Actual Play: GURPS Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Episode 1

In a world..Our world…Everything is true. Every story you’ve read, every movie you’ve seen, every game you’ve played actually happened. At least those that take place in the here and now. This is the first session of a GURPS 4th edition campaign premised on taking the Alan Moore comic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and making the concept contemporary. Anything that takes place in the ‘here and now’ is true. James Bond, Half-Life, Ghostbusters, Hannibal Lector, the X-Files, annoying sitcoms and Freddy Krueger all co-exist in the same world. In this first adventure, the PCs must break into the HQ of Ghostbusters Inc. to retrieve the data of Project Miskatonic before it is too late…

Jason – Dean Winchester from the TV Show Supernatural
Tom – Basically a pre-med student version of the Lizard
Bob – A Highlander French aristocrat
Drew – Kabuki the ninja assassin babe
RJ – Firestarter age 25
Aaron – An employee of Ghostbusters Inc.

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  1. There seems to be something up with the iTunes feed, as this episode isn’t appearing for download. Has the feed URL changed?

  2. Author

    It does show on the Itunes podcast listing, but there seems to be some problem. It took me multiple refreshes for Itunes to get through. I have no idea what is causing this problem.

  3. Resubscribing through iTunes and clicking a button that did something other than what it was supposed to appears to have solved the problem.

    Looking forward to listening to this one. You guys have changed my mind about actual play recordings.

  4. Listening to this pod cast gave me some ideas for my own campaign. Thanks RPPR! Possession seemed to cause enough confusion for your PCs, lets see what it does to mine. Mu ha ha.

  5. Can’t wait for the next episode so we can find out the rest of that guy’s sentence.

  6. Oh, ok. Got cut off in mid-download. Was going to say “You guys have 20 minute gaming sessions that end mid-combat?”

  7. Author

    Did you get the whole episode? It’s over 2 hours.

  8. I got the whole thing. Sounded fun and hecktic with all the players.

  9. How did you get Tom to let someone else be the ninja!? ::ducks::

  10. You’re right that Tom is vindicated by Aaron being so horrible at times using like about 43 times in one sentence.

    What’s with an old crone saving the world instead of letting the players face hordes upon hordes of monsters? seriously? I feel a TPK would’ve been more entertaining than some easy way out!

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