RPPR Actual Play: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus is a delightful story by L. Frank Baum with an intriguing mythos. Rankin-Bass produced a claymation adaptation, which is where Katie and Jonny first discovered it. There have been a few other incarnations as well, including a Japanese anime.

Jonny always thought it would serve pretty well as a fantasy RPG setting, so when Katie suggested a one-shot game based on it, he heartily agreed. There will be two “adventuring parties” if you will- the immortals of the forest of Burzee, and the children of the laughing valley of Hohaho. Katie will act as a storyteller for the children, and Jonny for the immortals. The two groups will have separate adventures leading up to a unified finale. We will have pre-generated characters. We’ll be using the Reign system, which is based on the One-Roll Engine.

(Note from Ross: I was a player in this game but I forgot the names of all of the players. If you were there, post in the comments and I’ll update it.)

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  1. You forgot to post the audio file.

  2. Author

    Podpress had a bug. It’s posted now.

  3. Actually that is one of my FAVORITE Christmas shows.

  4. I loved this show. I particularly enjoyed both styles of conflict resolution. I noticed the group GM’d by the woman with the wonderful voice roleplayed their characters really well once they got into it. And the other group that included Ross had a very aggressive “kick ass” style of game play. Great show guys! I’m looking forward to the next one!

  5. Another good show. I think that this would be a good campaign setting to be honest. was there some kind of problem on the kids end thought, i only got part of what is a larger story i think.

  6. Here’s a cast list:

    Sadie Carter
    Matthew Ackerman
    Dan McDowell

    Gabe Taylor
    Bill Sundwall
    Ross Payton
    Alisha Philips

    I think that’s all!

  7. I need a setting help for the play the life and adventures of santa claus

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