RPPR Episode 26: Going Postal – Mailbag Madness

We’ve received a lot of messages from listeners so we thought we discuss a few of them. This show covers a lot of topics, from our personal favorite RPGs, the indie RPG Dread, to dealing with out of control house rules and other issues. We also got our first donation, so if you like the show, help us pay for the hosting and Gencon this year. Plus Tom has some gaming New Year’s Resolutions in his letter and of course shout outs and an anecdote.

Shout outs:

  • 221 Films and The Assemblage of the Crystal Sphere: A D&D Story: A mockumentary about the culmination of a 5 year D&D campaign, in a very wry manner. We will have a full review in the next episod.
  • Wild Country: A Scottish werewolf movie.¬† It has gore and nearly indecipherable Scottish brogue.
  • Crossover¬† Comic Archives: As listener Tadonari Oyama writes “A very silly sprite comic series” If you want to read comics where Chun Li teams up Sonic the Hedgehog to fight illiteracy and mutant badgers.
  • Poultrygeist: A Troma movie about chicken spirits, Indian burial grounds and zombies. Also, blood and gore.
  • Saving Stone: A prequel to the hilarious novel, Game Night and it’s a free pdf to boot! Read it already.
  • Spelunky: A roguelike platformer with randomly generated levels. Get the treasure before you die a horrible death.

Music: Mailing it in by Allied Radio

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  1. Nice episode. I like that you guys take the time to reply to the stuff that listeners send to you. The fact that the advise is also well thought out and helpful is icing on the cake.

    I’m also personally happy that you managed to pronounce my handle correctly. I’m honestly surprised that no one had donated before me but I hope that I’ve broken the tension for everybody else and that now the money can start pouring in for you.

  2. Donating money? What is this – wikipedia?

    My income is not disposable! It goes to hookers and prostitutes (there is a difference, trust me).

  3. This isn’t a reaction to this episode, but a suggestion for an interview subject (or you could discuss his book without him). I just heard this guy on a public radio show: http://www.elfishgene.com/index.html . I think it would make an interesting interview for you guys since based on the interview I heard on the radio, he seems critical of what he believes is the harmful effect on social skills of role-playing games.

  4. Another great episode! I think you guys should make money for the show by having people pay Ross to record a greeting on their voice mail. (In his announcer voice of course.)

  5. Thanks for reading my email. That was most unexpected.

    I come from Nova Scotia, Canada.

    *Hannibal Lecter voice*
    Does that…scare you to know non-Americans listen to your show?

    *Normal voice*
    What’s this about Cody making your rating go down on Xbox Live?

  6. That was me who brought up the point of snappy banter on podcasts over on the Fear the Boot forums. Made me grin to hear you mention that, Ross.

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