RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons Tides of Doom

Tides of Doom, part of In Search of Adventure
Run at Visioncon.

Synopsis: The village of Crafthaven has awoken an ancient evil buried underneath. Can the brave heroes stop the cult from completing its ritual? Oh, and this dungeon isn’t just filled with Lovecraftian monsters. It corrupts all who spend time in it. Even the poor halfling paladin who becomes a freakish hunchback by the end of the adventure. Find out if good prevails before the Tides of Doom drown them all…

I wrote the adventure for Goodman Games and ran it for some friends at a local gaming con,  hence the people wandering in at random intervals. As an after hours game, this is a more relaxed and casual game than usual. Also, this is a classic hack and slash dungeon crawl, filled with combat and traps. Very little social interaction compared to the new world campaign.

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