RPPR Episode 42: Sense of Wonder

New Rewards for the Codex of War Ransom! Have Ross run a game of YOUR CHOICE over Skype!

In this episode we discuss how to add a sense of wonder to your game. Tabletop RPGs are only limited by your imagination yet too many games are dull dungeon crawl affairs of 10 foot wide corridors and orcs guarding pies, forever.  So how do you get that overwhelming awe in your game? We both talk about a few ways to introduce it using examples from earlier games. As Tom was too busy playing video games to write a letter (again), I read a story from Ichor Falls called Candle Cove.

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Music: Wonder 2 Wonder by The Flavor Foundation

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  1. It’s ok tom, mass effect 2 is amazing we can forgive you for destroyingthe game. But you should at least give us your gamer tag.

  2. Tom… you disappoint me…

  3. Tom once again you’ve disappointed…nay, failed me. Because of your lack of vision and dedication to this podcast, I am now crying myself awake at night. Normally your letters sooth the canibalistic urges of the creatures with the red glowing eyes in my walls. But once more there is no letter and they’re talking to me again…and their hungry Tom…they’re hungry. If you don’t get a letter out soon Tom, little Billy in the apartment below might join his missing sister. Do your duty Tom, do your letter segment or are will you yet heap more young child corpses on the alter of your sloth?

  4. Normally, this plea would reach down deep into my soul and pull me out of the stygian depths to which Mass Effect 2 has drawn me. But then you had to go and say that children will be eaten if I don’t.

    I would hope by now that my love of ghouls from CoC would be made clear, and the sight of horrible monsters devouring children…makes me happy.

    So, if you can promise me that helpless bystanders will be eaten by drooling monsters from beyond mortal perception…I will promise that the next episode will have a letter. Scout’s Honor.

    Hmmm…scouts. Boy Scouts being eaten by ghouls. Perhaps while out camping in the woods. Damn! I wish I could draw to immortalize that image.


  5. Ross-Great show and an excellent DM with imagination. Tom-wry and witty with your anecdotes and sidekickery.

    Ross, PLEASE pronounce the word, “ichor” properly. This word is THE MOST mispronounced word in gaming.




  6. Little Billy has gone missing and there are now slurping and burping sounds coming from my walls Tom. You have your wish sir. Another poor innocent child, whose once wanted to be being a fireman or an astronaut, has had his life snuffed out in an undoubtedly painful and mind shattering manner.

    Although, its Girl Scout cookie season…..maybe if you don’t write another letter I can convince the voices in the walls to eat the Girl Scouts and leave me the cookies…..yes yes….I understand now. It all makes sense.

  7. GR8 show! One thought though for Ross’s EP scenario, instead of empty mannequins another option would be that they have beta or alpha level forks of the bad guy in them and the real badguy is only in one of them. just a thought as i have been running EP for the past 7weeks. Can’t wait to hear your game.

  8. Hey guys I love your show but this is the second time you’ve started talking about a campaign I’m going through for the first time (mask of nyralothotep) and I’ve had to end my listening early to avoid spoilers. I live with my DM and I think I’m giving her gray hairs. It would be cool if you could include something in your show notes if you’re going to openly discuss major published campaigns or what times to avoid for those kinds of spoilers. Keep up the great work otherwise and I wish we could go to Fear the Con!

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