RPPR Episode 70: There are Monsters in the School Tom

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Synopsis: Monsters and Other Childish Things is a game near and dear to my heart. It was my introduction to the One Roll Engine and the source game for my first two books, Curriculum of Conspiracy and Road Trip. So in this episode, Tom and I discuss playing the game. It’s a great system but it has several quirks that take some getting used to such as role playing two characters at once. After we discuss playing, I go into a Skype roundtable with Matt Campen and Nathan Knapp from the Drunk and the Ugly podcast over running Monsters and Other Childish Things.  Plus a letter from Tom, shout outs and an anecdote!

Shout Outs

Song: Invisible Monsters by Dead Poets Society

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  1. Hooray, my horrible inability to speak in coherent sentences is forever immortalized in text. As is Helicopter Whale! Somehow every character name I say is spelled wrong (though I suppose if you just hear them and haven’t read them, it’d be hard to figure out how to spell it).

  2. Matt, that’s how 99% of the population talk. I know, I hear it every day.

    Oh, and if you don’t like misspelled character names, update your Wiki. 😛

  3. Congrats on your android device Ross!

    Which one did you get?

    You should check out the Amazon App Market. They offer up a new free paid app every day. There’s a lot of junk apps these days but they do occasionally offer good ones.

    I too have an android phone. I’ve been using an app called Pocket Casts to listen to RPPR. I got it on a free day from Amazon. It’s actually how I found RPPR to begin with. I happened to be bored at work and decided I wanted to see if there was any D&D podcasts. Lo and behold, RPPR was one of the first to pop up. I’ve stopped listening to music at work since.

    The other thing I wanted to mention is that Pocket Casts pulls RPPR from.. somewhere and is already available through there. I assume it’s pulling the RSS feed somehow for the regular feed and the actual play.

    It’s a very good app and I’d highly recommend it for your podcasting listening needs.

  4. Author

    I have a Motorola Atrix 2. It’s pretty nifty.

  5. Yog So Soft? Hahahaha 😀

  6. really adore the Monsters system, so this podcast was a particular treat. learned about it from Drunk and the Ugly, got hooked on their rendition of Road Trip, and then splurged on all the books and have read them all before recently dragging my rp buddies into a game. I ran a variant of Road Trip, because i love the concept to death, but it’s just my nature to create things. probably going to give in before long and try to get another group to run the original anyway

    but yea, glad to see my group pull through with their creativity and come up with the spoiled rich kid and her monster Rhett (the butler; get it?), a giant crawling hand with mouths for fingernails that each speaks in its own unique accent and personality, an australian chronic liar with a bunyip (water spirit manifesting as a sabretoothed bear-otter-tiger), and the good-natured dope with Carl, the cycloptic tentacle monster from the realm of knowledge who speaks in riddles and hordes secrets (we’ve reasoned out its a mix of Carl wanting to encourage his kid to grow smarter and the fact that he’s basically a god of cosmic secrets, so it’s genuinely hard and frustrating for him to dumb these down to human capacities)

    but anecdote aside, always wondered: why is it that the Red Ranger is not effected by Zolton’s katana? just the means of letting him kill Zoltron so he won’t tail the kids and help fix their problems, or some underlying thing that was failed to be mentioned

  7. OOh! I liked this episode, very informative even if you are well acquainted with Maoct. Tom’s letter was cool.

    Will you also be doing an episode on Dirty World? My brain just seizes when I think about scenario writing for that game.

  8. Author

    Red Ranger is the leader and more powerful than the other rangers. His weapon is thus too strong to be affected by it.

    I had it set up that way so Zoltron wouldn’t be a neat and easy solution.

    Next episode is Wild Talents – not sure what we’ll do after that.

  9. I think that Cold City may also be an easier ORE game to start on too. Though I haven’t looked at the rules lately.

    And be careful Tom, I’ve heard you can go blind if you role play with yourself too much.

  10. Episode 71 is going to be Wild Talents? OK, how about this:

    ep72 Ramblings upon World of Darkness
    ep73-4 (have no idea too)
    ep75 RPPR Episodary (review of past episodes, best moments from the thus-far aired episodes, tons of anecdotes that are actually funny, whole “crew” should be present I think… and do some neat intro with voice acting and cheesy music)

  11. You could do an Indy Darlings episode, Dogs in the Vineyard, DRYH, Dread, Fiasco, Wushu etc.

  12. Let’s get A Dirty World on there. Or a compendium of ORE games, A Dirty World, NEMESIS, etc.

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