Game Designer’s Workshop: Posthuman Studios Interview

Posthuman Studios: Our logo is a shuriken.Back during Gencon 2013, Caleb and I hung out with the talented members of Posthuman Studios and talked about many a topic, including game design and the tabletop RPG industry. If there is one interview you listen to this year, make it this one!

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  1. these guys are adorable! and man, I had only the vaguest inkling that it was such a normal thing to treat freelancers badly. that gives me a real sad. it’s always good to hear about people doing their own thing and doing well off of it. especially when those people are responsible for Eclipse Phase. and giving Ross and Caleb money.

  2. And there exists an archive for old gaming maps and materials, so the Tumblr mentioned herein has an extant predecessor, the Play Generated Maps and Document Archive.

    “The Play Generated Map and Document Archive collects, preserves and interprets documents related to game play – especially tabletop role playing games and computer games. Any mark made on paper is collected by the archive. Go take a look. “

  3. I already liked the guys from Posthuman, but jesus christ, I about fell out of my chair when Jack’s stories started happening.

  4. Yeah, do these guys have a podcast of just awesome stories? Very informative and super fun to listen to.

    As an aside, near the beginning when one of them said they started with Palladium I have envisioned Caleb screaming, gun fire going off and then static. XD

  5. That was great! I think they deserve even more great things after finding out the greatest system ever is backed by such caring people. Keep on doing the right thing, it is its own reward. Caleb, you could pick worse people to model yourself after.

  6. Just checked Facebook again. The Linzer brothers still evade capture!

  7. Somehow that I missed this going online until yesterday! Thanks for the kind words, people. We, uh, had fun doing the interview. 🙂

    None of us do a ton of podcasts (and it’s even more rare that a couple of us get together on the same podcast at the same time), but I did recently appear on Gamer’s Tavern to talk about cyberpunk/postcyberpunk games of all sorts:

    And Noah, you weren’t the only one that nearly fell out of your chair during Jack’s stories. 😀

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