RPPR Episode 100: Where did the time go? (part 1 of 2)

News: A new hero has been released for Base Raiders. Check out Elizabeth Solomon, a scholarly vampire!

Synopsis: For some reason, we’ve kept up making podcast episodes since 2007. It’s taken us that long to get to 100 episodes of the main podcast, but here we are. Of course, we had to do something special, so we’re doing a roundtable discussion of our history and answering listener questions. We also have Shane Ivey from Arc Dream Publishing and Greg Stolze on as guests. Because of all our guests, this is a longer than usual episode. In fact, this episode went so long, I broke it up into two parts. I’ll release part two next week. Thanks for listening to us. RPPR has been a blast so far and I hope to continue it until the inevitable Cthulhu/zombie/meteor-based apocalypse 😀

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  1. You read my question, hooray! 😀 Thanks guys, and get on that Werewolf game, I want to see if Caleb can pull off his 12-y.o. paraplegic idea. Congrats again!

  2. Congrats on your 100th episode! I really liked that Ross interviewed so many of the RPPR players, as well as Shane Ivey and Greg Stolze. I’ll be looking forward to part B!

  3. The best part of the whole thing. Favorite cereal! Haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Thank you RPPR for keeping me awake over nights at work for years!

  4. Congrats.
    You made it !
    Cue ‘I of the Tiger’.

  5. If the Cthulhu/Zombie/Meteor apocalypse were to occur right now, I couldn’t be happier with RPPR’s run. Congrats on reaching episode 100, and the many great AP episodes!

  6. I loved this episode. Great job Ross, Caleb, Tom, Aaron, David, Bill and everyone else! Congratulations with reaching episode 100.

    Bacon as a cereal sounds good to me. Sign me up for that.

  7. Thanks for the all the entertainment and all the great ideas that I can beg/borrow/steal into my games.

  8. grats on 100 eps

  9. Listen to Ross talk about his favorite combat systems.
    Look down at the Night’s Black Agents literally in my hands as I plan out a new game which will involve heavy combat.
    Chuckle quietly to myself.

  10. So *that* is the origin of the whole Horrible Monster thing. I thought it was because of, well… all the Horrible Monstering that Ross does.

    Also, congrats on 100!

  11. Congrats on 100 episodes. And now a belated question: just how many of the RPPR crew were English majors at MSU?

  12. Congrats on 100 episodes guys & agreed with everyone on character creation of doing what’s the group need or just concept (and what haven’t I tried) first then roll up stats. Works great for Call of Cthulhu or other rpgs that tend to go with rolling stats first, just SILLY I say, find the concept or missing first then you will have someone then not care so much about doing the stats first.

  13. Author

    S.W. King: Me, Jason, Patrick, Thad, Cody, and Caleb

  14. GM tries to get a disruptive player to stop being disruptive, GM is automatically right.

    GM tries to get disruptive player to agree with his opposing opinion, and becomes invested in the argument, GM or the player could be right. Or neither could be, because things like house rules regarding social skills on fellow PC’s are inherently subjective and should not have to be universal as people are allowed to have fun in ways you don’t like.

    I’ve noticed this pattern with the “famous” arguments from Age of Masks and RPPR. With all due respect Ross, you sometimes seem more interested in arguing with the player or defending your opinion as a general principle applicable forever and always, than just getting the player to accept your opinion for the sake of the game alone and respect his difference of opinion outside of that. On some playtest podcasts (the Hastur film shoot one comes to mind), you literally try to argue playtesters out of their criticisms, which does not seem super-helpful to you the person with a scenario to playtest.

  15. Wow. Just missed you guys. Oh, what life could have been.

  16. I’d love to hear a segment where Caleb critiques fan fiction. 🙂

  17. yes, I was the one who called out Tom for obviously cheating (he was obviously cheating then and constantly playing “bully” characters, which was my real point, he’s gotten better lately) and for going into a funk when his character appeared to have died in Dark Sun. =P it wasn’t a playful fit, it was an instant attack of massive sulk the like of which I have never heard anywhere else on RPPR or anywhere else on the recorded internet. like…I don’t know how you guys interact outside of the game, but I’ve listened to enough hundreds of hours of you in-game to know that going “uh…oh. oh…oh. well I…I guess I’ll go play X-BOX in the other room, then” is not a normal/adult response to having your character get pummeled. it was sulking to the ninth degree. it was bitching. it was whining.

    Tom’s come a long way in a brief time since then, but please. don’t bring it up and deny that it happened, dude. it happened. it was…awful. =P I can’t listen to that episode again because it’s so fucking embarrassing to hear it happen. it’s like an RJgument that way.

    like I said at the time…cheating isn’t important because omg dices. it’s important because it shows no trust in your GM. you need to trust your GM to make failure as fun as success. claiming success instead of failure takes the GM’s ability to use his bad results plans. I know Ross has a thing about “seeing the whole story,” but come on. you can talk to your GM -after it’s over- to get the whole story. you don’t need to do it in game.

  18. bleh, ignore me. I shouldn’t comment when I’ve got a hangover. =P I love Tom, of course, as I love you all. No Soul Left Behind has been just that little bit less sparkly for Aaron and Tom not being there.

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