RPPR Episode 117: Slouching Towards Gen Con 2015

gencon2015News: RPPR will be part of the Podcast-a-Ganza at Gen Con. The Boiling Point Conversion Guides are out and are available for download. Red Markets will soon have a beta available for playtesting.

Synopsis: Another Gen Con is upon us and RPPR shall be there. This year, Caleb and I will be hosting a bunch of panels on topics ranging from game design to measuring fun in games. Aaron is running several games, and Tom wants to demo a bunch of new games at the exhibit hall. We also share tips about surviving the con, shout outs, and anecdotes from Call of Cthulhu and Red Markets. See you at Gen Con!

Shout Outs

Song: It’s Supercharged by botnit

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  1. Oh wow! Congratulation, you got my name pretty much right. With the accent and all. I’m impressed.

  2. hnghhh. you guys make it sound like…somuchwork. I think I’d get agoraphobically sulky and unable to find my own fun and have a terrible time. I’ll stick to the noisy APs and panels, for the foreseeable future. they do sound like great panels, though!

  3. I’d be interested in running/commenting on/recording/proofreading for Red Markets. Can’t promise high production values or anything, but I and my group could always use a break from EP (Red Markets sounds -so relaxing- by comparison, heh).

    Also really looking forward to that Glancy game.

  4. crawlkill: Ross and Caleb are pretty detail-oriented, planning type people and this is professional time for both of them, too. You can absolutely do GenCon without a ton of planning and with avoiding the worst of the mobs. It depends on how you like to manage your time.

    I am pretty planning focused myself – I have a GenCon spreadsheet with several tabs so I don’t lose track of things. But my friends tend to just wander around finding stuff that interests them, looking at costumes, buying new games – and they have a great time too. The Games-on-Demand room is a lot of fun and really caters to that.

    Basically, it’s as much work as you make it – but it’s such an embarrassment of riches that you just won’t find the best stuff (for your interests) without doing a bit of homework or prep.

    As for the agoraphobia, yes… there are a few things you either just have to avoid (the dealer room) or deal with the crowds as best you can. The quiet room for people to get away from all the stimulation is a fantastic idea, at least. I wish there’d been one of those in past years.

    Anyways – even for someone who’s gone a couple years, there was some very helpful advice in this one, like avoiding hallways where possible. I’m hoping to drop by some of the panels and maybe the meet-up as well.

  5. Have a good time, guys! Looking forward to the post-con proliferation of panel recordings. The topics sound awesome.

  6. Really looking forward to hearing some of these panels you gentlemen will be hosting, especially the gaming and education one that Caleb mentioned.

    On a side note, I was at the gym on the elliptical when the synthwave interlude hit, and it was just magical. My thoughts ran something along the lines of, “Time to bust out the Ono-Sendai and punch deck!” It was awesome.

  7. I have about half of the live episode panel on video, once I pull it off the camera. If you want it, tell me how to send it to you.

  8. (Note: This is meant for Ross and Caleb. Let them decide if they want their images posted.)

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