GDW: The Mixed Six Episode 2

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  • Oatmeal Stout by Free State Brewing Company AND El Gose by Avery: In this week’s Dissecting Our Fun, Spence and Caleb talk about Cargo Noir and the importance of accessibility in games.
  • Aunt Sally by Lagunitas: The Armchair Directors compare notes on their bottom 5 superhero films and argue about what it truly means to suck.
  • Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout by Rogue Brewing: In Nerdsplainer, Caleb sees how many disbelieving guffaws he can provoke from Spence by explaining the evolution of SpeedRunning.
  • Tell-Tale Tart by Boulevard Brewing Company: In Binge Binger, the crew talks about shows they were forced to watch and came to like as a psychological coping mechanism. It’s Stockholm Syndrome television time.
  • Antique Amber by Crown Valley Brewing Company: In Dear Mixed Six, a seemingly innocent question about S’mores sends one of the hosts into an enraged fugue state.
  • Christmas Ale by Schlafly Brewing Company: Finally Drunk Enough, Spence and Caleb provide a loving read of the Singularity and our boy RAY-K.


1. Jazz Club by Kriss
2. Requiem for a fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra
3. Liquid Blue by The Madpix Project
4. Autumn Leaves by All Purpose Jazz
5. Hello Sinner by Boogie Belgique
6. Disappearance by Angus and Friends
7. Hello Sinner by Boogie Belgique

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  1. I’ve been enjoying these episodes and hope that you guys keep makeing them.

  2. This is really, really good. will look into the Patreon.

  3. I never thought of speed running like that.

  4. Introduced my wife and some friends. They enjoyed. My wife may even start being a full listener

  5. Liked the critique of the singularity. It’s probably because of the gamer geek communities I’m plugged into, but I see far too much uncritical cheerleading of transhumanism/singularity/rapture-of-the-nerds online. No one questions the ethics or ramifications of creating AIs, they just want their intelligent robot slaves, now.

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