RPPR Episode 146: Gen Con 2017 Wrapup

Gen Con 2017 has come and gone and boy did we have a great time! Between playing a lot of great games, recording podcasts, and meeting up with the RPPR community, we barely got any sleep! Special guests George and Jen of Eclectic Eccentricities join Aaron, Tom, Dan, Michelle, and I as we discuss our experiences. Learn about a bunch of new games and find out what we recorded for the podcast.

Games mentioned in this podcast in no particular order

Song: Pyxis by HOME

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  1. Jim Henson: Vampire Hunter… Ross, please run this.

  2. Next Base Raiders character!!
    Although I did see someone put a Puppeteer class for 5e.

  3. The corn dish is called elote, you’ll often see it on menus as “Mexican street corn”

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