RPPR Episode 160: Beachside Bases OR How to Create a Base for Base Raiders

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Synopsis: Developing an idea for an abandoned superhero or villain base for my RPG Base Raiders can be difficult. Aaron, Shaun, and I discuss how to come up with interesting bases. I describe a scenario idea I have and we collectively brainstorm a base for that scenario.

In a new segment, I interview a game designer, Brie Sheldon, about their new upcoming Kickstarter, Turn, a RPG about living as a lycanthrope in a small town. It launches on October 31 and you can learn more at Brie’s website.

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Song: Discoveries by Mezzaluna

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  1. Is the Burglers guide something that works as an audiobook, or is it full of drawings and designs ?

  2. Author

    No drawings or designs inside the book, so audiobook version is fine.

  3. Thanks, now I just have to figure out why I can’t buy the audiobook in my part of the world, over the internet, but if I was in the US I could. I may have to look at alternative means, no one wants to sell it to me.

  4. Glad you remember the game after all this time Shaun. Thanks for the tips, I’ve been having problems coming up with some details for my Bases/Dungeons and this helped out quite alot. Sad we didn’t get a chance to play “The Cassandra Vaccine” Ross. It sounds like it would have been a lot of fun.

  5. Good inspiration for bases.

    R.e Turn: I kind of like the fact that we are at the point that people are doing their own version of personal monster especially without the edgelordiness of certain Albino Lupines.

  6. Can confirm Return the the 36 Chambers is great.

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