Actual Play

Recordings of game sessions.

Little Fears Actual Play: Night of the Squashed Cat

RPPR is always expanding, so we are proud to present our first Actual Play. In the future, we’ll bring you a wide variety of games. Please let us know what kind of games you want to hear. Bear in mind this recording was made in 2005 with a simple voice recorder. However is is perfectly understandable.
Synopsis: Little Fears is essentially a horror game about kids for adults. It can be very dark, but this was my first game of Little Fears so I ran it middle of the road. I based it on several of the stories in Scary Stories to tell in the Dark and More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

The setting: All of the PCs lived on the same block, so their parents got together and bought a time share at a large cabin in the woods far away from home. There is no TV and no video games.

One day, all of the parents left to visit the lake. They hired a babysitter, a teen named Chad who was kind of a good ole boy. Of course, they complain to Chad that they’re bored. He tells them that being bored is better than they know. You see, Sophie’s mom once ran over a cat but it survived being squashed flat. She felt bad for the animal so she brought it to the cabin and fed it. It’s still in the basement looking for its next meal…