Something that is not tragedy. Or conversely something that is really really really tragic. Like puppies in a blender tragic.

Ab3 Rant 01: The Team That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

THE GUY WITH A JETPACK AND A HIGH POWERED RIFLE: When combat broke out he would zoom up into the air and start sniping. He had a kind of code against killing, he only killed villains if they fought back, or sassed him.

Ab3’s first proper rant is now immortalized by RPPR! Listen to find out the worst heroes ever made in a horrible superhero campaign. This rant was originally posted on

Announcing Raillery: A comedy video podcast

I have launched a second podcast: Raillery. I plan to release one new video a week, each as hilarious as this one: Oregon Trail 13. Don’t worry, Tom and I will continue RPPR and I will not put every raillery podcast on this feed. However, since Oregon Trail 13 started here, I thought all of you might enjoy it here.

Written by Ross Payton
Voiced by Ross Payton and Chris Farmer
Mixed by Chris Farmer
Animated by KC Green

Death by Thumbs

Written by Ab3
Mixed by Ross Payton

Me: “OK you walk into the room and see a group of Hobgoblins sharpening their weapons.”

Psycho Dave: “I flash my talisman of the Dark Gods and order them to bow down to the might of Azathoth.”

Me: “They bow before you.”

Psycho Dave: “Then I behead them.”

Performed by the RPPR crew
Chris Farmer
Tom Church
Patrick & Karee Williams
Aaron, David, and Ross Payton

Synopsis: Ab3 finds himself running a a two month Dungeons and Dragons campaign, as Deviant Boy, Aesnath, Weasly Crusher, Psycho Dave, El Disgusto and Ol’ Yellowbelly explore the Dungeon of Nasty Doom. Some quest for the Gemstone of MacGuffin while other players search for the Blade of Gory Cleaving. Of course, between the players’ volatile personalities and the many dangerous enemies of the dungeon, the odds are against Ab3 and his gaming buddies actually finishing the campaign. Fortunately, his pain is our comedy. Listen in to learn who suffers DEATH BY THUMBS!

This rant was originally posted on