Ab3 Rant #17: The Bad Rifts Project

My pallet desires pie but what kind of pie? The patriotic fervor of apple? The esoteric revelations of blueberry? Perhaps the October dream that is pumpkin? Or perhaps the culinary dichotomy known as rhubarb?

Ab3 tries playing Palladium’s darling rpg, Rifts, at a local Denny’s. Of course, between El Disgusto’s obsession with ninjas and Blobert’s Smith’s lurid descriptions of transexual singing post apocalyptic nurses, Ab3 is in more than he bargained for. Take a seat at the table for The Bad Rifts Project.The Bad Rifts Project was originally posted on RPG.net and used with permission of the author.

Written by AlBruno the 3rd

Performed by RPPR
Edited by Chris Farmer

Ab3 – Chris Farmer
Weasly Crusher – Aaron Carstein
Blobert Smith – Ross Payton
El Disgusto – Tom Church
Deviant Boy – Patrick Seth Williams
Police Officer – David Norman
Collateral Darren – Jason Ariciu
Sam the Waitress – Karee Kimple
Police Officer – David Norman

Another Flame War on the Internet

Perhaps the oldest form of communication on the Internet, flame wars are an integral part of the great conversation. We’ve reenacted a particularly common flame war archetype, gamers bitching about what era of Call of Cthulhu is best and furries.

Performed by the RPPR staff