Law and Orcdom

Written by Ross Payton
Mixed by Chris Farmer

Even a world of high fantasy and adventure needs the law. When the law is broken, only a band of brave orcish detectives and the guild of prosecuting attorneys can make things right. However, can they solve the murder of an adult red dragon by an illegally enchanted dragonbane sword? Find out in Law and Orcdom.

D&D: The Best Game Ever

D&D: The Best Game Ever
Written & Directed by Ross Payton
Nathan Shelton
Chris Farmer
Jon Carter
Katie McDaniel
Allen Marsh

Boom Operator: Jason Ariciu

A group of friends, bored with other games, discover the glory that is Dungeons and Dragons. Being new to the game, they decide to each run a game to see who is the best DM. What common pitfalls of gaming will they fall to? Can they master the awesome power that is roleplaying? How many members of the Stormcaller family die adventuring?

News update

RPPR is hard at work on several projects, which is why we haven’t posted any new material lately. The first is a new show called “Law & Orcdom” a look into the criminal justice world of high fantasy. The second is unrelated to RPPR but still funny. It’s a feature length movie called Motor Home from Hell and it will be available this fall. The final project is a video for Wizards of the Coast’s D&D fan film contest. As soon as we have one of these projects ready for the public, we’ll post it here.