Ab3 rant #18: The D&D Session That Mostly Wasn’t

“Why ever be out of character? It’s so much nicer in there. Player characters don’t have problems with girlfriends and jobs and a rash that just won’t go away.”

Sometimes getting everyone in the same room at the same time to play D&D isn’t enough. Ab3 discovers that reality often eclipses the mightiest of in game dilemmas. Who would have imagined that a roomful of geeks crowded together wouldn’t all get along? Find out the secret of the nacho cheese in The D&D Session that Mostly Wasn’t. Written by AlBruno the 3rd

Performed by RPPR
Edited by Chris Farmer

Ab3 – Chris Farmer
Weasly Crusher – Ross Payton
Blobert Smith – Ross Payton
El Disgusto – Tom Church
Deviant Boy – Patrick Seth Williams
Old Yellowbelly – David Norman
Collateral Darren – Jason Ariciu
Police Officer #1 – Karee Kimple
Police Officer #2 – David Norman


RPPR Presents: The Eye of Argon Part 1

The Eye of Argon is one of the classics of fantasy literature, which is why we’re creating an audiobook version of it. Listen to a stirring rendition of this timeless tale, complete with a rather unique theme song.

Written by Jim Theis
Narrated by Ross Payton
Mixed by Chris Farmer