Elitist Fuck Episode 2

The EF and two gusts discuss discipline at the gaming table. After all, players need to know who sits behind the GM screen and what kind of weapon can be hidden by the screen.

Written by Tom Church
Edited by Chris Farmer

Elitist Fuck – Tom Church
Announcer – Aaron Carsten
Mr. Vincent – Ross Payton
Mr. Reynolds – Chris Farmer

High Art: The Role Playing Game

This is the cutting edge of game design. A game so absolutely brilliant that…that…fuck, rolled a 1 on the Profession (writer) check.
BONUS: Listen to the entire flame war! (2:41)

Written by Ross Payton
Edited by Chris Farmer

Gamer 1: Patrick Seth Williams
Gamer 2: Tom Church
GM: Ross Payton
Indie Game Designer: Chris Farmer

Interview with the TSR Dragon

The TSR Dragon, icon of gaming in the 1980s, disappeared after Wizards of the Coast bought the company. Find out what happened to him in his first interview in many years.

Written and edited by Chris Farmer

Interviewer: Chris Farmer
The Dragon: Tom Church
Miranda: Karee Kimple
Peter Adkinson: Ross Payton