Oregon Trail 13 Commercial

Let’s face it. American made video game RPGs suck. Stupid games like Fallout and Fable lack the beauty of tentacled chaos demons and incoherent storylines that only a Japanese RPG can deliver. But now, the Japanese have taken the American classic, The Oregon Trail and made it better…with chaos nose goblins!

Written by Ross Payton
Edited by Chris Farmer

Voice 1: Ross Payton
Voice 2: Chris Farmer

Elitist Fuck episode 1

In the gaming community, there is always someone better than you. He knows more about the rules, his character is higher level and he owns more gaming books than you ever will. He’s also never wrong. About anything. And now he has his own show. Meet the Elitist Fuck.

Written by Tom Church
Edited by Chris Farmer

Elitist Fuck – Tom Church
Announcer/47 – Aaron Carsten
Dave Dawson – Ross Payton
Jerry Mitchell – Chris Farmer