The public domain expanded this year and Caleb and I dive into it to find gameable material. Anyone can use these books, images, or music, for whatever project they can imagine. I found a list of characters from pulp fiction magazines with such interesting heroes like the vigilante Crimson Clown, and a group of French boy scouts who explore the hollow earth.

News: We’re doing a weekly livestreams on Twitch and Youtube! The first episode is available publicly here. We’ll be looking at RPGs on DrivethruRPG and other sites for the best and the weirdest. If you miss the livestream, the videos will be available for RPPR patrons to watch whenever you want.

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Shout Outs

  • Inscryption: A roguelike deck building and escape room puzzle video game.
  • Berserk: legendary dark fantasy manga series
  • LuLaRIch: A mini series about the MLM company LuLaRoe
  • Sifu: A martial arts action game with amazing combat
  • The Power of the Dog: a movie about outsiders in the West
  • For All Mankind: An alternate historical drama about the Space Race
  • All of Us Are Dead: A Korean zombie teen drama show with Red Markets vibes
  • Raccoon Sky Pirates: a new indie RPG about raccoons with a sky ship pulling off a heist.

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Quake 1 is an incredibly influential video game, not just to other video games, but to tabletop RPGs as well. We played Slipgate: Chokepoint recently. Now that we’ve re-played Quake 1 and a RPG inspired by it, Chris and I discuss the thematic and mechanical differences in translating pixels to a paper game.

(on a personal note – I plan to post more episodes here more frequently. The last few months were extremely hectic but now that the wedding is over, I can focus more on RPPR podcasting. I have a lot of great topics for upcoming episodes so stay tuned!)

A new crew of smugglers start taking jobs in Duskvol. They call themselves the Blind Eyes and specialize in the weird and the occult. As the gang grows in power, they learn of an invisible war for control over the city between supernatural beings and ruthless factions and an incredibly powerful artifact that can change the course of history.

This episode, the players and I talk about what worked and what didn’t work in our 24 episode campaign of Blades in the Dark, both in game mechanics and the story of this particular game. If you missed an episode, check our the campaign page to find download links.

This group portrait of The Blind Eyes by Patsy McDowell. From left to right: Vimes, Salvage, Salty, Flake, and Audra

Baz – Salty / Oberon Matias Declarmont the Spider
Birk – Audra the Whisper
Aaron – Salvage the Leech
Caleb – Flake the Cutter
Bill – Vimes/Seth the Slide