RPPR Episode 112: Campaigns I Shan’t Be Running

RPPR-Illustrated-Channel-Six-previewPromo: Al Dente Rigamortis podcast – creepy pasta reviewed by RPPR friend, Review Cultist!

News: Raillery is back with a new Let’s Play series about Darkest Dungeon! Watch Aaron throw hapless adventurers into the meat grinder that is Darkest Dungeon.

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Synopsis: Caleb and I discuss various campaigns we’ve thought about and have realized we will probably never run. Of course, Charles Stross came up with the idea first. From Night’s Black Agents (check out the Prezi for his campaign here) to dungeon crawling, there are quite a few games we won’t be playing in the future (most likely). Find out why and what we’ve learned about it. No letter from Tom, but we do have some shout outs and great anecdotes!

Shout Outs

  • Dead Sea: A nautical horror novel about an extra-dimensional Sargasso Sea.
  • Wolf and White Van: a literary novel about play by mail RPGs and a lot more.
  • Annihilation: What if Roadside Picnic was even weirder? Let’s find out!
  • Jazzpunk: A short but funny satiric video game. Also, Wedding Qake.
  • Hotline Miami 2: Crazy hard, but amazing soundtrack and intriguing story. We still like hurting other people.
  • Witch: A dark fantasy RPG Kickstarter – play a lich right out of the gate!
  • Necropolis: An upcoming roguelike video game from Hare Brained Schemes.
  • The Pyramid: Decent horror film about a pyramid. Also, death traps.
  • Guy In Your MFA: You know, THAT guy.

Song: Can You Kiss Me First

RPPR Episode 111: And The Nat 20 Goes To…Acting in Games

RPPR-Illustrated-Shanghaied-PreviewSponsor: This episode of RPPR is brought to you by easyrollerdice.com. Use coupon code RPPR to get 10% off your order.

News: Check out the RPPR Patreon for bonus podcasts, behind the scene blog posts, and a whole lot more! The Tarot Gang, a collection of villains I wrote using Fate Accelerated Edition, is now available as a PDF supplement. Finally, Boiling Point is almost done and a proofreading draft should be available soon.

Synopsis: Acting can take a lifetime to master, but pretending to be someone else to entertain your friends around a table is entirely different matter. Tom and I talk about how we get into character and our guidelines for role playing at the game. Obviously, using role playing as a justification to do something that will wreck a game is lame, but what else? Find out what our tips and tricks for acting at the game table are! Plus, Tom has a letter and we have shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout Outs

  • Easy Roller Dice: This episode’s sponsor. Remember, 10% off your order with coupon RPPR AND free US shipping!
  • Warlord Sports: Get yer LARPing gear here.
  • The Disaster Artist: Find out the story behind the creation of The Room, the world’s most infamous bad movie.
  • Completely Normal: A stand up special by Tom Segura, now on Netflix
  • The Light at the End: Splatterpunk vampire horror set in 1980s New York City.
  • No Can Defend: A stand up special by Gary Gulman.The link goes to a sample on Youtube.
  • The Guest: What if Captain America was a bit unhinged? Ok, a LOT unhinged.

Song: Final Battle from the Godzilla NES Creepypasta OST

Another Interview with Deborah Davitt

book-2Tom is back with another interview with Deborah Davitt, creator of the Edda Earth series.  In this next installment, we discuss the second book of the series, The Goddess Denied, in which we rejoin the Valkyrie Sigrun and her companions   We also discuss the writing process, the writing environment, and the joys of trying to self-promote a book.  This is a book series most certainly worth your time.