Game Designer Workshop Episode 13: Red Markets Kickstarter Post-mortem

rm-bondsThe Red Markets Kickstarter is over but the work isn’t over yet! Caleb and I discuss how the campaign went and what we learned. Like any campaign, there were some surprises along the way. Find out what they were and what’s next for Red Markets. Thanks again for your support!

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RPPR Episode 129: Campaign Starters and Parters

Underground-cover-drivethruNews: Base Raiders: From the Underground is now available! It collects the first nine PDF supplements into one handy supplement. Get it in print and PDF or just PDF. Red Markets is in its last week. Back it now to get a full color hardcover book AND a ton of great PDF supplements!

Synopsis: I’ve started a new Base Raiders campaign and I’m excited! The first session went pretty well, so Aaron, Bill, Caleb, and I got together to talk about getting campaigns started and what they like and what they don’t like. We hit on topics ranging from establishing the tone of the campaign, warning signs for bad campaigns, and dealing with character progression over the course of the campaign. We also have shout outs and anecdotes!

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Shout Outs

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Game Designer Workshop Episode 12: Dream Just the Right Amount

News: The Red Markets Kickstarter is live! If you want to see the fruits of Caleb’s labors, be sure to back the Kickstarter.

Synopsis: Structuring a Kickstarter is a difficult task. A game designer has to predict how much it will fund. Overshoot a goal and the Kickstarter will fail. Undershoot the goal may result in stretch goal hell, especially if the stretch goals aren’t planned properly. Caleb discusses his thoughts when he structured the Red Markets Kickstarter and what advice he got from other game designers. Remember that a wildly successful Kickstarter can bankrupt a company if it was not planned well enough. What has Caleb decided? Find out in this special episode!

If you enjoy this podcast, backing the Red Markets Kickstarter is a great way of showing support. Thanks to everyone who has already backed it!

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