RPPR Panel: The Case Against Fun – Social Critique & RPGs


Fun is obviously a byproduct of games, but that’s where the usefulness of the term ends. This seminar presents the case against fun as a design goal, method of criticism, and aesthetic in gaming. Caleb Stokes (No Soul Left Behind/No Security) and Ross Payton (Base Raiders/ Zombies of the World) discuss the negative and positive uses of the word of fun in gaming, along with other critical frameworks by which the word can be understood (such as the 8 types of fun).

This panel was recorded at Gen Con 2015 and I forgot to post it until now! Better late than never, I guess.

Game Designer Workshop Episode 11: RPG Manager Simulator 2016

dhqs-bondsNews: The Brutalists campaign is well under way! Check out our actual play podcasts of the Red Markets beta. There’s also a subreddit for Red Markets and Caleb did an AMA on it. Don’t forget to check out Hebanon Game’s blog for more up to date news about Red Market’s development.

Synopsis: Creating a game usually involves more than one person. If it’s your game, you need to learn the esoteric art of project management in order to effectively coordinate the efforts between your team. Good project management can enhance the quality of a game while bad project management can doom it. We talk about contracts, budgets, art direction, and many of the many other challenges a project manager faces in an RPG project. Caleb also mentions working with talented freelancers like Laura B. and Rollplay Studios.

Song: Eastern Wind by Azgard


RPPR Site Update

room-tearWe’re back online! This short update explains what happened to RPPR in the last few weeks and what will be changing soon. It seems our new web hosting service, Lithium Hosting, is a lot better than Bluehost, so our sites should be faster. Please let me know if you find any broken links though.