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RPPR Episode 24: GO GO GO! and other Action Movie Cliches

When we role play, we almost always imagine an action scene, whether it’s kicking down dungeon doors and slitting the throats of whatever lies beyond them or kicking open vampire coffins and staking whatever lies inside them or kicking down giant metal doors with giant robot legs and stomping whatever lies beyond them. So no matter what genre you prefer, action is part of it. But how do you run a great scene or fight or base an entire scenario or campaign in an action adventure genre? Of course there’s also a letter from Tom, an anecdote from our listener Captain Scraps and some shout outs:

Music: Various by The Inkspots courtesy of Archive.org. These are public domain. Horray!

Actual Play: Wushu Dodgeball – To Save The World

Galactus has challenged the people of Earth to a tournament of dodgeball. Only an unlikely team of misfits stands in the way of Earth’s total destruction. Sound like the new Bruckheimer movie? Naw. It’s our Actual Play one shot using the free action RPG Wushu.

The Player:
Tom: A sapient raptor/actor tired of being stereotyped as a vicious man eating dinosaur
Drew: Henry from the TV Show Eureka, a NASA engineer turned auto mechanic.
Linton: The fat guy from Hot Fuzz and he’s a cylon.
Jason: Ahnuld the Governator
Cody: Former President Martin Van Buren – with electricity, liquid and portal powers.

No, I’m not kidding. That’s what they played.