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RPPR Episode 71: You’ve got Wild Talents

The Heretic Cycle: Hunted News: I’ve published the first part of my new fantasy serial, The Heretic Cycle. Follow the saga of an immortal villain in a world of dark magic and corrupt mortals! Available on Amazon (for Kindle) and on Smashwords (for all other ebook formats).

Killsplosion: First Edition is out! The ransom model player vs player RPG you supported is now available as a free PDF download here. More content will be coming this year.

I was a guest on the Drunk and Ugly podcast to answer some questions on game design.

Synopsis: Wild Talents is a great One Roll Engine superhero RPG developed by Greg Stolze and we give the game a deep analysis in this episode. Tom and I discuss our experiences with it. Tom compares it to Mutants and Masterminds and learning the system.

I also interviewed the game’s designer, Greg Stolze, about Wild Talents; its origins, running and playing it and the Progenitor setting. We also talk about his fiction and latest ransom projects.Be sure to look at Greg’s fiction and his new ransom project, a short story called Falling.

Tom has a letter, and we have shout outs and an anecdote.

Shout Outs

  • Brick: Great and unique neo-noir film. A must see.
  • The Killing: Kubrick’s first film and a film noir classic.
  • Liminal States: An upcoming sci-fi novel spanning three eras, 1874, 1951 and 2006.
  • Rebuild 2: A new flash zombie apocalypse strategy game.
  • Titanic Adventures Out of Time: An adventure game with some unusual narrative choices.
  • Claybourne: A free sci-fi radio drama from New Zealand. Great production values.

Music: Liminal States Soundtrack from Conelrad.

RPPR Episode 51: Info Dump

Synopsis: In fiction, revealing too much information right away is a sign of bad storytelling. In role playing games, it’s often essential for a good session. Game masters have to realize that what they think the players should know is often not enough for the players to actually understand what’s going on. We discuss the importance of information and how to make sure that everyone know what’s going on. Tom has a letter and we have shout outs and an anecdote.

Shout outs

Forum Shout outs

Music: The Information Age by Anthony Fiaumano