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RPPR Episode 116: LARPing Quietly In Your Head

heisteryNews: The Fan Creation page on RPPR Actual Play is online. The handouts for Boiling Point are available for download if you need to print them out. Red Markets is in alpha playtesting and you can help. Read this thread for more info.

Synopsis: At a certain point, most gamers will start looking at places they visit or learn about and daydream about what kind of game could be set in that place. Caleb and I discuss how we look at spaces we learn about and incorporate them into games. From our regular haunts to places we only read about, there are many ways to look at interesting places and integrate them into a game. It happens in video games all the time – this picture shows the Freer Gallery of Art vs the Diamond Heist in Payday 2. Tom is not in this episode, so no letter, but we do have shout outs and anecdotes.

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Game Designer’s Workshop: Interview with Peter Nielsen

Our Kickstarter for Boiling Point is still going on and we could use your support! hound-webIt occurred to me that no one has heard from the actual author of Boiling Point, Peter Nielsen. He’s a first time author and I’m a first time publisher (of another person’s work) so I thought talking about it would make for a good episode. In this, we talk about how Boiling Point came to be, how Peter wrote the first drafts, Kickstarter, the Base Raiders setting, and how playtesting comes into the process. Once Boiling Point is done we will try for a followup interview to talk about the process after the Kickstarter is done.

RPPR Episode 106: History is written by the GM

The Hangar section of Boiling Point. The floating submarine is an aftermarket addition.News: We’re over halfway there in the Boiling Point Kickstarter, so help us push it over the edge!

Synopsis: History is a rich tapestry waiting to be explored, but how should you implement historical events into games? Tom and I have some experience with this, so we talk about how to prepare for historical games and what kind of history works best. Even if you’re a player, this can help with your experiences enjoying this type of game. Tom also has a letter, plus we have shout and anecdotes.

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