Just another day for the Heroes of New ArcadiaNews: Just to clarify something about RPPR B-Sides: each volume will be released for free after a 1 year delay. Volume 1 will be released to the public on August 14, 2014. If you want to listen to the 20 AP episodes contained in Volume 1, then you can donate $20 to RPPR. Simple as that!

I also want to give a shout out to comic artist David Faught for his contributions to Base Raiders, which is now in layout.

Also, Hebanon Games is now blogging about game design and RPGs on a regular basis.

Synopsis: The Heroes of New Arcadia campaign is now concluded. In 29 episodes, a ragtag group of self-made superheroes saved the world and ultimately determined its fate. Find out how the concept came to be and what the players thought about it – highlights of the games, surprises, and more. No shout outs or anecdotes this episode because our discussion went long.

Song: We Heroes by Within the Giants

News: Check out Caleb and I shooting up (space) zombies in Dead Space 3! Be sure to subscribe to Raillery’s Youtube channel for all the latest from us. Base Raiders is progressing nicely but it was slowed down a bit so I could contribute to Eclipse Phase’s newest book – Transhuman. There’s an open playtest for some of the material right now – read it and give them your feedback. And of course, the Know Evil Fan Creation Contest is still ongoing!

Synopsis: Tom, special guest Caleb, and I each came up with 3 ideas for standalone RPGs and pitch them to each other. From mythos warlords and gods the weird west and beyond, we talk about games about making movies, fighting magic with technology, and life inside video games. If you like the ideas or hate them, let us know in the comments!

Shout Outs

Song: Behemoth by Godspeed You Black Emperor!

News: I’ve redesigned Raillery as a Video Game Actual Play podcast/Youtube channel. Check out our new videos! In Base Raiders news, the Pariah ebook has been released to Kickstarter backers. It will be made available on Amazon and Smashwords in the near future for people that missed the Kickstarter.

RPPR is pleased to announce a Know Evil Fan Creation Contest! Between now and the end of the Know Evil Eclipse Phase campaign on RPPR Actual Play, any fan that submits a bit of fan art or fan fiction will be entered into a contest to win a Know Evil poster, signed by Caleb, Ross and other RPPR regulars!  Read this thread on the RPPR forums for more details.

Synopsis: Player character back stories and motivations are a tricky subject in RPGs. Meta gaming motivations or creating inappropriate or useless back stories an hinder a game.  Tom is out of town, so Caleb, Aaron, and I discuss our thoughts on player motivations vs PC motivations and back stories in general. We also have shout outs and Caleb shares a special anecdote about the ‘Fun Factory’.

Shout outs

  • The Phantom of Wilson Creek: A RPPR listener, Max Writer on our forums, published this monograph through Chaosium. Congratulations!
  • Synnibarr Kickstarter: Yes, I backed it. I am a horrible monster.
  • Danger Club: Watch out olds, the sidekicks are kicking ass and taking names. A good comic.
  • FATE Core Kickstarter: FATE is a neat RPG system and the Kickstarter for it offers crazy good rewards. Check it out!
  • Hellboy in Hell: Pretty much what you would expect.
  • Saga: An epic fantasy comic about a young couple, their baby, and some crazy fantasy bullshit. Read it. It’s great!
  • Neocolonialism: Kickstarter for a new video game about global economics. The tagline says it all – Ruin Everything.
  • Title Builder: From the Doug Benson podcast.
  • Wrath of the Lamb: DLC for the Binding of Isaac.
  • AMV Hell 6: Animu is funny with silly music.
  • Rifftrax shorts: Find out what is more dangerous than dynamite.

Music: Looking at Black Clouds by Serphonic