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Codex of War – A New World Campaign Sourcebook

At long last, the Codex of War is finished! This is the third book in the New World Campaign setting. The colony has survived its first winter in the New World, a testament to the courage and fortitude of its inhabitants, but now a greater threat looms over the fledgling settlement. While nearby native tribes have decided to live peacefully with the colony, a powerful coalition of tribes farther inland is ready to make war. Led by an enigmatic tyrant, these tribes see the colony as a cancer growing in their homeland. The brave adventurers who protect the colony must stop the coalition before all is lost.

War takes on many forms. Simple and sporadic raids on neighboring tribes, civilized duels and battles that follow complex rules of etiquette and protocol, or all out war between determined foes who fight to the bloody end. No matter what type of war, the colonists have only two options: defeat the tyrant or face utter obliteration. The tyrant will not settle for anything less than total victory.


RPPR Episode 45: Of Dice and Men

For this episode, we have Cody and RJ as guests and we discuss how to deal with improbable and implausible player devised plans. While heist movies are based on elaborate schemes, does every game need a 20 step plan in order to slip past a single guard? We also talk about current RPPR projects. The Codex of War is still underway but we have made significant progress. RPPR regular Aaron will undergo training as a Call of Cthulhu GM and I’ve written a campaign for Monsters and Other Childish Things. We also talk about an anecdote about a truly terrible GM.

Shout Outs

  • Echo Bazaar: Very original and unique browser based game. Free to play and features great writing!
  • Sword of the Stars: A fun 4X PC game with 3 expansions out.
  • Frozen Synapse: Indie PC tactical strategy game. Lead a team of commandos to take out the enemy.
  • Hell House: A documentary about Christian haunted houses.
  • Bigger Bads: A new Monsters and Other Childish Things supplement. Play giant monsters!
  • Targets of Opportunity: A brand new Delta Green book! Over 300 pages! HOLY FUCK IS IT AMAZING.

Music: Hyrule’s Angel (The Sleeping Beauty) by Game Over