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RPPR Episode 48: Under A Dark Sun

Episode Synopsis: The newest campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, Dark Sun, is out and we’ve already started the new RPPR campaign. Cody reviews the book and we discuss the book’s new rules and background information. We also talk about some of the other new games we picked up at Gencon this year. Plus, a new letter from Tom, anecdotes and shout outs:

Shout Outs

Music: Dark Sun by The Curtains and Their Terrifying Story

RPPR Episode 46: PvP is tearing us apart

Role playing is a collaborative hobby but conflicts between players and the GM inevitably arise. Cody, Dan, Tom and I discuss how adversarial gaming can affect your game and how to deal with it. RJ and I also talk about the new online tabletop section of the RPPR forums and we get into a discussion of the differences between long standing campaigns and shorter ones. We also have a few anecdotes and shout outs:

  • The RPPR Steam Group: If you play games over Steam, then join us and play l4d2 or other games with Ross or other RPPR fans.
  • Battlefield Baseball: A crazy Japanese action movie about baseball and zombies.
  • Coup de Torchon: A brilliant crime movie and an “engrossing and unsettling meditation on moral collapse.”
  • Rocket Knight: vidya game about a steam powered opossum knight.
  • The Hidden: Great HL2 mod. One invisible monster vs a team of commandos. Who will win?
  • Player Strategy Guide: A 4E book for players new to the game. Good advice on tactics and role playing.
  • Joe the Barbarian: Grant Morrison written comic of a child’s fantasy world. Think Narnia but crazier.

Music: Joe’s Confession by Game Over