Role playing is a collaborative hobby but conflicts between players and the GM inevitably arise. Cody, Dan, Tom and I discuss how adversarial gaming can affect your game and how to deal with it. RJ and I also talk about the new online tabletop section of the RPPR forums and we get into a discussion of the differences between long standing campaigns and shorter ones. We also have a few anecdotes and shout outs:

  • The RPPR Steam Group: If you play games over Steam, then join us and play l4d2 or other games with Ross or other RPPR fans.
  • Battlefield Baseball: A crazy Japanese action movie about baseball and zombies.
  • Coup de Torchon: A brilliant crime movie and an “engrossing and unsettling meditation on moral collapse.”
  • Rocket Knight: vidya game about a steam powered opossum knight.
  • The Hidden: Great HL2 mod. One invisible monster vs a team of commandos. Who will win?
  • Player Strategy Guide: A 4E book for players new to the game. Good advice on tactics and role playing.
  • Joe the Barbarian: Grant Morrison written comic of a child’s fantasy world. Think Narnia but crazier.

Music: Joe’s Confession by Game Over