summoningCaleb’s Delta Green campaign, God’s Teeth, has been concluded but there’s still a lot to talk about. From the opening raid on the orphanage to Working Group Masticate’s last scene, we discuss what worked in the game and what didn’t. How did the new rules for Delta Green, like bonds and crippling injuries affect the campaign? Caleb also explains how he came up with every scenario for God’s Teeth. If you enjoyed this campaign, consider supporting Delta Green by buying the Agent’s Handbook or any of its other fine products.

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Song: Atone by Chinese Hackers.

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Synopsis: Horror gaming can go beyond Lovecraft and tentacles. Sometimes the most frightening moments in RPGs can come from obscure references and mundane moments. Surprise your players from a new direction! The panel will include Caleb Stokes (No Soul Left Behind, No Security), Ross Payton (Base Raiders, Zombies of the World), John Kennedy (Demonworld), and Jack Graham (Eclipse Phase). The title “Scary Parrots” refers to an RPPR game in which the players completely forgot about the plot and focused on a parrot THAT COULD NOT BE. Rather than dismiss the moment as a one-off, this panel will explore the unexpected places that the GM can exploit for terror. Between other writers of The Weird, discoveries in neuroscience, and philosophical thought experiments, this panel will provide a ton of original plot hooks and little disquieting scares to throw at your players.

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Synopsis: Conspiracies are a common element in horror games, but they are often handled badly. They are too powerful, too well-organized and too flexible to stop or even fight. In this episode, we talk about how to use conspiracies in RPGs, by looking at historical conspiracies like Operation Gladio and DeBeers. SPOILER WARNING FOR THE FILMS THE PLEDGE AND MEMORIES OF MURDER. There’s also shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout Outs

  • Deathgasm: A horror comedy about heavy metal, high school, and demon summoning.
  • Eternity by Cobalt Road: a vaportrap album that is quite good for late night listening.
  • Limetown: A cross between Serial and Delta Green. What happened to Limetown?
  • Moonbeam City: a synthwave inspired comedy that is part Nagel and part Archer.
  • John Carpenter’s Lost Themes: You want some original John Carpenter music? Of course you do!
  • Clue Pursuit: A locked room puzzle mystery experience. Fun for the whole group
  • Fornax Void: Get a VHS tape with a Carcosa/Vaporwave-video today.
  • Ryuutama: A Japanese tabletop RPG now available in English.
  • Gang Beasts: Fumblecore + multiplayer brawling = hella fun. As seen on Raillery.
  • The Bugle: John Oliver’s comedic news podcast. Very funny stuff.

Music: Tentative Steps by Kai Engel.