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RPPR Episode 78: Base Raiding 101

News: Base Raiders, the new RPPR Kickstarter is now online. Contribute now! Learn more at the Base Raiders website.

Take the Zombie Survival Quiz at Zombies of the World

Former RPPR regular Cody Walker has his own Kickstarter up for Noir City, a comic book. Check it out!

The RPPR crew is just terrible at Artemis Spaceship Simulator. Watch!

Synopsis: The newest RPPR Project, Base Raiders, is about dungeon crawling in a world of superheroes. But many players find that type of game boring. Dungeons are usually thought of as endless stone corridors, populated with traps and monsters but a dungeon can be so much more. You can use them in practically any genre, even modern ones. Tom and I discuss how modern ruins and abandoned places can be made into exciting dungeons for your games and what makes an evocative dungeon versus a boring one. We even design a modern dungeon on the fly for your use. Hopefully this episode will give you a new perspective on dungeons.

Tom has a letter of course, and I talk about my experiences playtesting the new Dungeons and Dragons system.

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Music: The Descent by Kevin MacLeod