News: Base Raiders is nearly complete! The PDF should be available to backers around September 10! Caleb is starting a new podcast through RPPR called Game Designer’s Workshop. Expect the first episode in the next month. Also, check out his blog post about Gen Con at Hebanon Games.

Synopsis: Another Gen Con has come and gone. This year, Tom, Aaron, Caleb, and I quested for the most awesome of gaming conventions and lo and behold did we have a good time. We recount our experiences running games, attending events, meeting great authors and designers, and the RPPR fan meetup! We also got a lot of new games to try out for the Actual Play podcast, so keep an eye out for that. Cosplay, PC mishaps, history lessons, and Night Vale dominated this year, so if you want to find out exactly If you met one of us at the con, be sure to say hi in the comments! I’m sorry I didn’t catch everyone’s name.

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Song: Gamer Funk by the FuMP

Buy Their Book! Buy Their Book!News: Transhuman, a sourcebook for players in Eclipse Phase is out! Caleb and I both wrote for it, so check it out. In other news, Base Raiders is rapidly nearing completion and in playtesting. More importantly, Gencon draws near! Tom, Aaron, Caleb and I will be there. The RPPR Meetup will be 6 pm on Friday the 16th at the Hyatt Lobby. See you there.

Synopsis: Describing things is the primary job of the gamemaster, but many times, something gets lost. Players misunderstand what is being said or the gamemaster forgets an important detail. What do you do when players make a mistake? Whose fault is it? Tom, special guest Bill, and I talk about our approaches as gamemasters when it comes to describing scenes and dealing with player interpretations. Plus, Tom has a letter, shout outs and anecdotes!

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Promo: The UnderDiscussion Podcast

News: If you’re a fan of Eclipse Phase, check out the Kickstarter for the next Eclipse Phase book, Transhuman. Don’t forget about the Know Evil Fan Creation Contest. The deadline for entries is May 10.

Synopsis: After the conclusion of Caleb’s epic Know Evil campaign, Tom and I wanted to hash out how the campaign came to be, what changed during play, and what lessons were learned from it. It’s not often a role playing campaign ends with such a satisfying conclusion, so we wanted to make sure you would have a ‘director’s commentary’ for Know Evil. We also have shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout Outs

  • Spaceteam: hilariously fun iOS game – command a spaceship with randomly generated controls and yell at your friends! A winning combination.
  • Elder Sign: New Cthulhu Mythos based dice and iOS game – like Arkham Horror but with more randomness and quicker pace.
  • Gloom – Edward Gorey meets card game strategy – the most miserable and dead family wins.
  • Rot and Ruin: YA horror novel series. It turns out life after the zombie apocalypse is not all that fun.
  • Prophet: Crazy ass science fiction comic. MEATPUNK.
  • Glory: Even Rob Liefeld original characters can be redeemed.
  • The Apple: A 1980 sci-fi musical biblical allegory. Hooray for Rifftrax!

Music: Eclipse by Perturbator