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RPPR Episode 83: Maps and Legends

Level 1 of the Zombie Factory from the upcoming Base Raiders RPGNews: Fallout Without End, a new scenario of the No Security ransom pack from Hebanon Games is now available! We’re still cranking out videos at Raillery. The map is part of the Zombie Factory, a chapter in the upcoming Base Raiders RPG.

Synopsis: Travel and exploration is adventurous in real life but not in role playing games. Someone like Marco Polo is a major figure in history, yet in Dungeons and Dragons, his accomplishments would be minor compared to the average 10th level fighter. Tom and I try to tackle why exploration in games fails to capture the sense of adventure it does in reality and how it can be made to do so. We even tackle random encounter tables, sense of place, and other tangentially connected topics. Instead of a letter, Tom discusses his trip to Seattle and of course shout outs and an anecdote or two.

Shout outs

  • Ship Breaker: Good YA dystopian sci-fi novel about a kid living as a salvager of old oil tankers – bleak but well written. Great setting too.
  • Nemesis: A totally insane cyberpunk action film with more gunfire than the Matrix. For reals. Also, check out this gif.
  • Great White Space: An interesting if flawed Lovecraftian horror novel about a doomed expedition.
  • Apocalypse World: An indie post-apocalyptic RPG that’s all the rage with the Seattle scene apparently.
  • The Upper Berth: A ghost story with the best framing device ever. More cigars and champagne!
  • The Devil’s Rock: A New Zealand made WW2 horror film. I did Nazi that coming. Okay I’ll go now.
  • Speed Tribes: A book about the different subcultures of the younger generations in Tokyo. A bit dated, but still a great read.
  • McBain: A Rifftrax where Christopher Walken sleepwalks through an action film that makes literally no sense. Highly entertaining! Aaron recommends it.
  • Todd and The Book of Pure Evil: A 2 season comedy horror TV show on Netflix about high school, cults, and heavy metal. What’s not to love?

Music: Ghost Maps by The Minor Leagues.