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RPPR Episode 128: My Player’s Keeper

bsides_volume3News: RPPR B-Sides Volume 3 is now available! Help support our podcast and get 20 actual play episodes, including Tom’s Pathfinder campaign and a Fiasco game with Thad.

Thrilling Intent will have a livestream run of Tenra Bansho Zero on May 28 at 5 pm EST. Check out the details here.

Synopsis: Player characters develop relationships with other during the course of a campaign. They can help or hinder the campaign itself. Faust, Shaun, Tom, and I discuss how to build them in games and what kind of complications arise as a result. Keeping the narrative focused while balancing screen time between all players can be difficult. We also have shout outs and anecdotes!

Promo: The Redacted Files, an actual play podcast.

Shout Outs

  • Welcome to Night Vale: A novel based on the podcast, just as surreal and humorous.
  • Vagante: An indie platforming rogue-lite now on Steam.
  • Jeeves and Wooster: A hilarious Brit-sitcom based on the P.G. Woodehouse stories.
  • Barkley Marathons: A documentary about the world’s most grueling ultra-marathon.
  • The Big Short: A film about the people who predicted the 2008 financial crisis and profited from it.

Song: MAMAIA_2084 – Side A – She Used to Be Mine/Fresh Start  by MAMAIA_2084 & ~senpai vaporwave

RPPR Episode 127: Mistakes are Inevitable – Learning New Games

third-wheelNews: RPPR Tabletop Tales is up and running! Check our newest podcast of campaign actual play. Our first campaign, the Dresden Files, is currently on its first season. Also, be sure to check out Thrilling Intent on Youtube. Caleb and I will be guests on their livestream on April 30th at 5 pm EST when Faust runs Delta Green. Watch this video for more details.

Synopsis: A lot of gamers get stuck in a routine of only ever playing a few of their favorite systems. Bill, Dan, Faust, and I talk about the joys and challenges of learning and running new RPGs. We talk about new systems that aren’t even out yet, like Upwind and Red Markets, and published systems like Feng Shui 2 and Dresden Files. We also have shout outs and anecdotes!

Shout Outs

Song: Interlude (Lost in the Freezer Section) by ???groceries

Patreon Preview: WoD The Heck – Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand

Ken Meyer - Dirty Secrets of the Black HandTo celebrate our first year of the RPPR Patreon, we have created new milestones so we can create more podcasts for you! After Hours has proven to be a hit with our Patreon backers and there’s a lot of interest in the Old World of Darkness, so I merged the two to create WoD The Heck.It’s a humorous look at the oWoD, by a mix of veterans and newbies. This episode is a free preview of the podcast. If you like it, please consider backing the RPPR Patreon. If we reach the $1,600 milestone, we will make this a monthly podcast for all backers!

In this episode, Shaun and I, along with Faust from the Third Wheel look at one of the most hated books in the entire oWoD – The Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand. This book broke all the rules: blatant crossovers from multiple gamelines, unabashed powergaming, and worst of all, it made the kewlest, most munchkin discipline, Vicissitude, into a bad thing. Truly, unforgivable crimes.

Song: Marketplace by Chinese Hackers.