fear-the-con-7Caleb and I recently attended Fear the Con 7,(Thanks Fear the Boot!) running events, and promoting our work. It was a great con and we both had a blast there, but gaming conventions can be tricky for new game designers. For this episode, Caleb and I talk about our experiences at gaming cons and an aspiring professional should approach con work. Plus, we have an anecdote or two about the games we played and ran at FTC!

In this episode, we have a special guest: Mike from Bear Swarm. We discuss why edition wars and hating on games in discussions is a pointless endeavor and why people endlessly flame each other over them.  We also talk about Catalyst Game Labs and of course, Tom has a letter.

Shout Outs:

  • Triangle: A great horror film that is better the less you know about it before you watch it.
  • Pandemic: A board game about stopping a global pandemic. You usually fail.
  • Imaginary Monsters: A web comic about monsters and dungeons.
  • Poo: A card game about monkeys flinging poo.
  • Casshern: The live action Japanese 2007 sci-fi flick. Crazy effects and nonsensical plot.
  • MD Geist: Ultra violent 80s anime that features gamer logic.
  • Sin Titulo: Eisner nominated web comic. Very creepy and a great read.

Music: Cataclysmic Crash by Game Over.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Codex of War Ransom!

In this episode, Cody, Tom and I discuss the use of social skills against other players, because of this blog post. When I ran a game at Fear the Con, I disallowed a player to use a persuasion skill against another player. We disagree and explain our beliefs towards the use of social skills and free will in games.

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music: social critique of madison by The Hussy