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RPPR Episode 108: I’d Game That for a Dollar!

vintagevillainNews: A new Base Raiders PDF supplement, Vintage Villainy, is out! Pick it up today or if you backed the Boiling Point Kickstarter, you will get your copy soon.

Synopsis: You know you’re a true tabletop gamer when you see everything in terms of how gameable it is. In this episode, Tom and I discuss what makes something truly gameable or not. From action films to history books, there’s a lot of gameable material in the world, but some things are more gameable than others. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Plus, shout outs, anecdotes, and more!

Shout Outs

  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle: An excellent novel about a most unusual pair of sisters.
  • Mysteries at the Museum: It’s a TV show, about mysterious things in museums. Not really though. They explain what the thing is.
  • Death Skid Marks: Drive! Shoot! Take Drugs! Die! Play Again!
  • Nazi Mega Weapons: Nazis built really big guns. Mega usually means one million but here it means big. Not that I’m being pedantic.
  • Binary Domain: Shoot robots! Chat with teammates! Shoot more robots! Not that French robot, he’s cool.
  • Fordlandia: A book about Henry Ford’s failed rubber plantation in Brazil. Fascinating history and great writing.
  • Plague Evolved: Kill people with plagues in video game format.
  • Save Game: A new setting for Fate Core. Fun, although it needs a few tweaks. Pay what you want, so no excuse not to get it.
  • Earthworm Gods I and II: Apocalyptic horror novels about a rainy end of the world.

Song: The Getaway by Stellar Dreams from The 80’s Dream Compilation Tape – Vol. 2