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One Roll to Rule Them All: Arc Dream Publishing and the One Roll Engine at Gencon 2013

She's a member of a chain gangCaleb recorded a panel discussion¬† at Gencon 2013 about Arc Dream’s One Roll Engine games, from Godlike to Better Angels, led by Shane Ivey. Find out what’s going with the system and how it came to be.

Interview with Micah Wedemeyer of Obsidian Portal

Obsidian Portal, the campaign tracking website, has launched a Kickstarter to pay for site upgrades. I talked to the programmer behind Obsidian Portal, Micah Wedemeyer, who is also co-host of the Haste podcast. In this interview, we talk about Obsidian Portal, Kickstarter, and crowdfunding in the RPG industry.

Be sure to take a look at Greg Stolze’s Kickstarter: Mask of the Other!


Alternate History in Superhero Games at Gencon 2012

Progenitor is a great setting for Wild TalentsNews: Check out the new RPPR Kickstarter for Base Raiders, a standalone RPG about superpowered dungeon crawling!

Synopsis: This seminar with Dennis Detwiller, Kenneth Hite, Shane Ivey and Greg Stolze is about historical superhero games. Arc Dream has two games along those lines: Godlike and the Progenitor setting for Wild Talents, so they have some background in the topic. If you’ve ever wanted to run an alternate history game, even without superheroes, this panel would be a must listen!