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Interview with Pierce Fraser about HC SVNT Dracones

For the second time, Tom interviews Pierce Fraser, the creator of the HC SVNT Dracones RPG. A couple of years after the release of the core book, a Kickstarter for a new sourcebook is underway, filling in many details and ideas for the game setting. Tom speaks with the creator, giving you the lowdown on this new book and the miniatures!

Interview with Pierce Fraser on HC SVNT Dracones

141683Only a short time after picking up the game from Drivethru RPG, Tom Church interviews Pierce Fraser, the writer and creator of HC SVNT DRACONES.  Find out all about this unique RPG, as well as the process that went in to making it.  And also get a short glimpse into the 4 part campaign being run for the RPPR crew in this game universe!