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RPPR Episode 34: Break It Up

Conflict is the heart of drama, yet that doesn’t mean it’s always welcome in a role playing game, especially when it is between players. So when a debate becomes an argument or when tempers rise, what should you do? Tom and I discuss how to deal with various meta-player conflicts, as a GM and as a player. Instead of a letter, Tom reviews an animated movie The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.

The second New World Campaign Ransom is up! Check out the Fundable for The Goblin Hulk, a module suitable for level 1, 6 or 12 characters. New Monsters, templates and more.

No forum threads this time, because we both forgot. However, I did create a Synnibarr character for you to hear about, Tetsuo the Wereman Ninja! Oh and some anecdotes.


Music: Break it up by the Cyanide Pills