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RPPR Episode 35: Gencon 2009 Preview

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Tom, Aaron and I discuss our plans for this year’s Gencon and RPPR’s third time there. But before we get into that, I discuss the werestorm, one of the more baffling features of the World of Synnibarr. Tom’s going to play in several games and I’m running 6 games for Arc Dreams. Even Aaron is going to play in a few games, including some fancy Battletech Pods. Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing might even let us playtest some new WW1 Call of Cthulhu scenarios.

Favorite Forum Threads:
Need a little help with an Item creation – neat items for any fantasy game
Anecdote: One-Upping Tom’s Gun-Rape story – it is quite horrific and not safe for work
GURPS combat explained – it makes GURPS combat sound fun!
Tom’s Call of Cthulhu WW2 actual play

Last of the Living: Zombies in New Zealand. Hell Yeah.
Ghostbusters the game.It’s fun, I guess?
Survival City: Cold War Archeology, nuclear bunkers, missile silos and all that cool atomic era architecture.
Blackest Night: I don’t even know.
Hell’s Highway: A documentary about highway safety films, the first ultraviolent gore films.
Dreamquest to Unknown Kadath the graphic novel: Lovecraft’s fantasy epic as a funnybook.
Maptools: This is the most awesome virtual tabletop ever and I will learn how to use it.

Music: The Geeks Come out At Night by Devo Spice

RPPR Interview with Benjamin Baugh, creator of Monsters and Other Childish Things

Ben Baugh aka Bailywolf on the RPG.net forums is the mind behind Monsters and Other Childish Things, a game near and dear to my heart. In this interview, we talk about game design, his other work, some of the more interesting threads on RPG.net and of course Monsters.

I apologize for the poor audio quality. Skype and my internet connection hates me. I think the content of the interview makes up for it though.

RPPR Episode 19: Gencon 2008 Wrapup

We’re back from the best four days of gaming! We talk about everything from the new games premiering at Gencon to the awesome people we met to the games we played or ran. It was a blast and we look forward to next year. Some of the highlights this year include meeting Dave Arneson and getting a first edition of Blackmoor autographed, interviewing quite a few game designers and writers, playtesting a new Call of Cthulhu scenario from Pagan Press (which we recorded and will post to the podcast! stay tuned for that) hanging out with gamers and podcasters, sleeping very little and eating less and running Monsters and Other Childish Things. We will post our interviews on a regular basis for the next month or so.

Games and books mentioned:

Music: The Sword of Fire by Studiomig.