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RPPR Episode 99: Gaming with a Full Table

tumblr_n3yay9gDq01t77uevo7_1280News: Check out the Devotees, a new Eclipse Phase adventure written by Caleb Stokes! The first part of the actual play is up. We also have a new digital audio recorder for the APs, a Zoom H2N. Higher quality APs for everyone!  Also, I’m working on a new horror RPG called Ruin. BTW, have you checked out the video game I’m working on, Delver’s Drop?

Synopsis: During the last weekend, Tom and I got to play 2 games with some new players, including a 6 player Call of Cthulhu game. For this episode, we talk about our experiences playing with new players, especially in a large group. Tom also has a letter about his recent trip to New York, plus shout outs and anecdotes!

Shout Outs

Song: Road Trip by Within the Giant

What Is Happening to Tabletop Roleplaying Games? panel at PAX East 2014

Edition Wars. Edition Wars never change. The past 20 years have been a roller-coaster ride for RPGs.  The release of Magic: The Gathering in 1993 changed the fundamental nature of the hobby gaming industry and forever altered the business of making and selling RPGs.  Explore the recent history of the category through the lens of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, and hear predictions for the future of the hobby. This panel was recorded at PAX East 2014.

Panelists: Ryan Dancey [CEO, Goblinworks], Luke Peterschmidt [CEO, Fun to 11], Derek Lloyd [Owner, Battleground Games and Hobbies], Luke Crane [Tabletop Games Specialist, Kickstarter], Matt McElroy [Marketing Director, DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf]


Indie Boardgames: Design and Crowdfunding panel at PAX East 2014

Check out the Cultists of Cthulhu KickstarterDo you have a great boardgame design, want to make it yourself, but have no idea how to start? Join us as we take you through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of independent tabletop game publishing. Thomas Eliot of Sixpence Games designed, Kickstarted, manufactured, and brought to retail Professor Pugnacious, and was on the Indie Boardgame Panel at PAX AUS 2013, while Christopher Batarlis just recently finished the Kickstarter for Secrets of the Lost Tomb. Learn from our experience, good decisions, and mistakes. Plus, see the launch of Sixpence Games’ newest Kickstarter, Cultists of Cthulhu, live during the panel! This panel was recorded at PAX East 2014.