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RPPR Episode 89: Scenari-NO

AUTODUEL!?!?! >:ONews: Base Raiders is in layout! Hooray! Raillery is on hiatus until Base Raiders is complete. Boo!

Synopsis: Tom and I once again dive into the “Pile of Broken Dreams“to look at two old modules, Zombietown USA for GURPS and All Fall Down for Cyberpunk. Adventure design was quite different back then. For example, a brutal dungeon crawl was apparently required for every scenario, regardless of genre. Railroading was very popular as well. Regardless, there are useful elements from each scenario. Also, Tom does not care for the needless inclusion of Autoduel stats for a horror scenario. Oh and Tom has a letter too. Plus, shout outs and anecdotes!

Shout Outs

  • Channel A: A truly fun game for anime fans AND haters. Listen to our special Actual Play!
  • Fate Core: The new edition of the Fate RPG system and it comes in a handsome book.
  • Boss Monster: A new 8-bit video game inspired card game. Kill the heroes before the other monsters do.
  • Nazi Occult: A fictional recounting of the Nazi’s experiments with the occult. Werewolves and djinn, oh my!
  • The Curse: A modern retelling of the Colour out of Space.
  • VHS 2: The third segment is creepy as hell. I enjoyed the second segment. The first and fourth ones…eehhhhhhhh.

Song: Zombietown by the Midnight Peacocks