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Patreon Preview: WoD The Heck – Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand

Ken Meyer - Dirty Secrets of the Black HandTo celebrate our first year of the RPPR Patreon, we have created new milestones so we can create more podcasts for you! After Hours has proven to be a hit with our Patreon backers and there’s a lot of interest in the Old World of Darkness, so I merged the two to create WoD The Heck.It’s a humorous look at the oWoD, by a mix of veterans and newbies. This episode is a free preview of the podcast. If you like it, please consider backing the RPPR Patreon. If we reach the $1,600 milestone, we will make this a monthly podcast for all backers!

In this episode, Shaun and I, along with Faust from the Third Wheel look at one of the most hated books in the entire oWoD – The Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand. This book broke all the rules: blatant crossovers from multiple gamelines, unabashed powergaming, and worst of all, it made the kewlest, most munchkin discipline, Vicissitude, into a bad thing. Truly, unforgivable crimes.

Song: Marketplace by Chinese Hackers.

RPPR Episode 123: Pushing the Envelope

Base-Raider-Death-Traps-Volume-1-Cover-DrivethruNews: Death Traps: Volume 1 is out for Base Raiders! This supplement was co-written by Caleb, so be sure to check it out. Buy it on DrivethruRPG or at the Base Raiders store. Check out the free artwork produced via the RPPR Patreon.

Synopsis: Covering mature or sensitive topics in games is a challenge. Messing up can alienate players and result in a bad game. Dan, Tom, Aaron, and I discuss how we would approach these issues in a game. Shaun also comes in to bring a bit of historical context in gaming by talking about how major publisher White Wolf used the Black Dog Studios imprint. We also have shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout Outs

Music: Rush by Run Vaylor.