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RPPR Episode 88: Heroes of New Arcadia Post Mortem Round Table Discussion

Just another day for the Heroes of New ArcadiaNews: Just to clarify something about RPPR B-Sides: each volume will be released for free after a 1 year delay. Volume 1 will be released to the public on August 14, 2014. If you want to listen to the 20 AP episodes contained in Volume 1, then you can donate $20 to RPPR. Simple as that!

I also want to give a shout out to comic artist David Faught for his contributions to Base Raiders, which is now in layout.

Also, Hebanon Games is now blogging about game design and RPGs on a regular basis.

Synopsis: The Heroes of New Arcadia campaign is now concluded. In 29 episodes, a ragtag group of self-made superheroes saved the world and ultimately determined its fate. Find out how the concept came to be and what the players thought about it – highlights of the games, surprises, and more. No shout outs or anecdotes this episode because our discussion went long.

Song: We Heroes by Within the Giants

RPPR Episode 53: You Lie! Rhetoric and Large Groups

Thank you RPPR listeners! The Ruins of Lemuria PDF Ransom was a success! We are hard at work behind the scenes creating many cool things for you and running games over Skype for the ransom contributors.

Synopsis: Rhetoric is a divisive issue in tabletop games. Where do you draw the line between a player’s skill in speech and the PC’s ability? Tom and I discuss how rhetoric touches on game design, running a game and player vs. player conflicts. I’ve also started a superheroes campaign, using Wild Talents for the rules, and this time around we have seven players. A large group presents quite a few interesting challenges so we discuss how to run a game with a huge number of players.

Shout outs

Music: I can be persuaded by Mars

Ab3 Rant 01: The Team That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

THE GUY WITH A JETPACK AND A HIGH POWERED RIFLE: When combat broke out he would zoom up into the air and start sniping. He had a kind of code against killing, he only killed villains if they fought back, or sassed him.

Ab3’s first proper rant is now immortalized by RPPR! Listen to find out the worst heroes ever made in a horrible superhero campaign. This rant was originally posted on rpg.net.