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RPPR Episode 56: But the Railroading’s on Time

RPPR News: We have a mirror of all of our episodes on archive.org. Catch up with our older episodes or send the link to a friend to introduce them to us.  I’ve also updated the Zombies of the World blog going behind the scenes on how I created it.

Synopsis: Running a game in a timely manner is a daunting task. Many convention games fail to finish in 4 hours and a lot of players think that 6-12 hours for a single session is normal. We here at RPPR get shit done and want to help you also get shit done. How can you keep a game running without wasting a lot of time? Tom has a letter, shout outs and an anecdote from Tom’s latest Call of Cthulhu game.

Shout outs:

Music: Airbrushed by Anamaguchi